Mecalac launches electric machines

Published 4/3 at 11:31

Mecalac sees itself as a leader and pioneer in offering compact, powerful and versatile machines stating that it has always been committed to innovation, proving this once again, with the introduction of its first range of electric machines. Climate change and the need to reduce CO2 emissions have become a major global challenge leading to Mecalac developing a complete range of larger electric machines. Produced in Annecy in the Haute-Savoie region of France, these machines are designed to be used all day long.

The company believes that there are many advantages to switching to electric vehicles, including less vibration, less noise pollution, less maintenance, less risk of accidents on worksites and lower maintenance costs. In addition to these technical advantages for users, electric machines contribute to the decarbonisation of worksites and help to improve the air quality in cities, thanks to a total absence of CO2 emissions and other polluting particles on site.

Thanks to Mecalac’s complementary products, all earthmoving operations (digging, loading and transport) can now be carried out emission free and on a scale the company says has never before been possible. “We are proud to have launched an electric range. For example, three Mecalac zero emission machines working together on the same urban site save an average of 64t of CO2 that their combustion engine equivalents would have emitted over the year,” explains Alexandre Marchetta, chairman of the Mecalac Group. Mecalac states that any electric machine has to meet three major challenges: autonomy, performance and compactness. The company states that its e12 is the first 10t-12t 100% electric excavator to meet all three of these requirements, with the key to machine autonomy and performance being its architecture. The power source enables a capacity of 150kWh to be installed, offering eight hours of use, whilst Mecalac's swing loader is designed to be a fast, efficient performer on any site. The stability of the rigid chassis and the ability to manoeuvre and swivel the arm simultaneously are said to be the key to its productivity and enable efficient use of space on worksites. The new eS1000 has been developed to take the swing concept to a new level with its 100% electric transmission and power supply.

Designed to be compact, manoeuvrable and at ease on all types of terrain, the Mecalac ‘eMDX’ has been developed to be an efficient solution for transporting materials on construction sites. It now incorporates all Mecalac's expertise and technologies in terms of zero emission solutions. As with cars, these machines can be recharged in between four and eight hours at the same charging points depending on the model.

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