Meet Dynaset’s global sales manager Perttu Mäkinen

Published 6/3 at 11:33

The Dynaset team has got reinforcements in the sales department.

The latest addition to the team is Perttu Mäkinen, who started as a global sales manager in the autumn of 2022. But who is he? We gave the pencil to him, and in this article, you will learn what kind of guy he is.


So, who are you?

My name is Perttu Mäkinen, and I have worked in my family company since I was thirteen. In my twenties, I started working at Nokian Heavy Tyres in shift work, and at the same time, I started at a high school in Tampere. I have always had a passion for the English language, so it was natural to continue my studies in English, majoring in sales, marketing and leadership. I graduated with a BBA, and my MBA is at the thesis stage. I also have a postgraduate degree from Henley Business School in England. For the past 15years, I have worked in different management positions in international tyre companies.

I spent my childhood in the countryside and wanted to give my children the same experience. When I took my lovely wife Katri, whom I met when I was 19 years old, to see our current house, she asked me multiple times to turn around while driving there. It was a cold February day, and the streets were flooding slush. Once we got there, we knew immediately that this would be our new home. A home for me, Katri, our daughter Miiri, age twelve, son Miklas, age 10, and of course for Ghost, our ragdoll cat. This same place is where I still charge my batteries. I have a home office filled with old books and vintage items. I'm fascinated by history and read a lot of related literature. I've had my home in Ylöjärvi since 2005, and I will never leave!


How have the first six months been?

The recruitment process was long, but I felt I needed to follow this process through to the end. Also, I was very excited by Dynaset products because the industries where we sell them are almost identical to the tyre industry, albeit from a different perspective. I was excited to join the Dynaset Team. Starting at the production level for the first two weeks as part of orientation was an excellent way to get inside the company. Through that, I was able to familiarise myself with the products and get to know the people who make us tick. I had a very warm welcome and met a lot of satisfied employees who clearly appreciated their work and Dynaset as an employer. After that, I got even more enthusiastic about what I had become a part of!


And what do you do in the team?

I came to lead the sales, which for me means developing the processes and sales channels, improving customer experience, and supporting my very experienced team so they can achieve their best in their work.


How does it feel now?

I had a long career in the tyre industry and felt that moving to another industry at this stage was the correct move. Every single day I have been happier that I was given this opportunity. Folks at home have also noticed that they have never heard me saying such positive things about my work as nowadays. It greatly impacts my well-being to be able to go to work every day with a smile.


How about your free time?

I like to cook; it is my passion. Our family has special diets, and the children's favourite food is macaroni and butter, which only dad can make properly. Last summer, I learned to make pizza on the grill, which was not that easy, and the pizza shovel got thrown in the forest several times. The funniest thing is that I can cook several dishes during one day without eating any of them myself. My delicacy is dried rye bread and milk that we must always have available. If I can't sleep, I eat a piece of that bread and drink a big glass of milk.

My favourite season is autumn, as the weather cools down and the forests are filled with mushrooms. I am a very enthusiastic mushroom forager; the longest trip took six hours. Albeit, one of the reasons for this long trip was that I got lost. When I focus solely on finding the mushrooms, I ignore my whereabouts, leading to some funny stories. I also like to fill out crossword puzzles. My family members support me by folding out the crossword pages from newspapers for me on the table so I can fill them out. I often buy the evening papers just for the crosswords and typically never read the articles in them.

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