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Published 14/11 at 14:44

In 2019 he took over the well-known Swiss manufacturer Von Arx. Since then a number of new products and tools for scarifiying and shaving has been released. Now Von Arx is rolling out its new line of dust extractors for professional use. Meet Fredrik Åkermark and the new Von Arx.

A product segment that has an extremely strong connection to surface preparation equipment is devices for dust extraction and air cleaning. Machines for scarifying, shaving, grinding or polishing concrete surfaces creates a lot of dust, which is not really good for the environment. Many countries have been quite efficient creating regulations about how to handle concrete dust, meaning that special dust extraction equipment is required. Two of these countries with rigorous regulations are Sweden and Germany. These strong regulations have not only been adopted by manufacturers of dust extraction equipment in Sweden and Germany but are also driving the development of equipment.


Acquiring Von Arx in 2019

A good example of this development work is Fredrik Åkermark, who is today the owner of Von Arx, a renowned Swiss manufacturer of high quality machinery. Following the acquisition of Von Arx in 2019, Fredrik and his team noticed a growing demand from customers for dependable, user friendly and high quality dust extractors that could seamlessly complement their scarifiers and shavers. PDi had the chance to ask Fredrik some questions about Von Arx’s new line of products.


We have learned that Von Arx is releasing a new line of dust extractors. Von Arx is a reputable manufacturer of scarifiers and shavers. What has driven the development of a line of dust extractors?

“Quickly after the acquisition of Von Arx in 2019 we learned that our customers wanted to have a reliable, simple, and high quality dust extractor with our scarifiers and shavers. And they wanted to buy them from the same manufacturer, as a package. Due to many other projects, the dust extractors had to stay back but as a professional manufacturer of machines that creates dust it was an obvious decision to do our best to create a good solution for our customers to collect that dust best possible way,” answers Fredrik Åkermark.


Is there a dust extractor for each Von Arx machine?

“Yes, we have five sizes and models of dust extractors sized after each Von Arx scarifier or shaver.”


Can you describe your new line of dust extractors?

“We know that contractors are looking for high quality and simple machines and that’s what Von Arx always has been producing. Same goes for our new line of dust extractors; they should be strong, high quality, durable but simple to work with. The dust extractor line is adapted with scarification, shaving, and grinding in mind. For scarifiers, you need high water lift PSI (bar) since the debris is more like gravel and heavy to lift from the floor. And pre-filters with large surface, high air flow CFM for shavers and grinders that produces large amount of finer dust particles. We have found that many vacuum manufacturers put all focus on the use of the vacuum, which is not wrong. But they seem to have forgotten the importance of solutions for when the vacuum is not in use, such as loading, transport, service, and repairs. That’s where equipment is most vulnerable.” 


How have you tested the extractors?

“All models have been in field tests for over a year and we have been running them connected to grinders, saws, scarifiers and shavers. Many times, they have been connected to oversized machines to really push them hard. All with amazing results actually.”


What key features did Von Arx prioritise when designing the dust extractor line? 

“Von Arx prioritised several key features when deciding how to have the dust extractor line. Focus has been on creating strong and durable machines that are also simple to operate. The dust extractors were specifically developed with scarification, shaving, and grinding in mind. Different models were designed to address specific needs, such as high water lift PSI (bar) for effective removal of heavy debris from the floor in the case of scarifiers, and pre-filters with large surface areas and high air flow CFM for efficient collection of finer dust particles generated by shavers and grinders.”


How does Von Arx ensure the quality and durability of its dust extractors? 

“Von Arx places a strong emphasis on quality and durability in the construction of its dust extractors. All models are equipped with high quality two stage motors that provide excellent air flow and PSI (bar). The extractors feature an efficient semi-automatic filter cleaning system and utilise a dust free Longopac collection system. They are also designed with robust chassis to withstand rough handling and come with strong, large wheels and casters for enhanced manoeuvrability. Von Arx’s commitment to quality, ensures that our dust extractors can withstand the demands of professional use.”


What makes Von Arx dust extractors a trusted choice for contractors?

“Contractors can trust Von Arx dust extractors for several reasons. Firstly, Von Arx is a reputable brand known for producing high quality products with operator safety as a top priority. Secondly, the dust extractors are designed to deliver exceptional performance, with powerful motors and effective dust collection capabilities. Additionally, Von Arx offers competitive pricing, making the dust extractors an attractive choice for contractors seeking reliable and affordable equipment.”


Has Von Arx conducted any independent testing or received feedback from customers regarding the dust extractors?

“Yes, independent third party testing and field testing has been conducted with fantastic feedback from customers regarding the performance of the dust extractors. The machines have been extensively tested in real world conditions, connected to various equipment such as floor grinders, concrete saws, scarifiers, and shavers. The positive results and feedback received validate the effectiveness and reliability of the dust extractors in capturing dust and debris efficiently,” ends Fredrik.

In conclusion, this presentation of the new line of dust extractors from Von Arx has shed light on the motivation behind the development of Von Arx’s dust extractor line. The company’s commitment to meeting customer demands for reliable and high quality equipment has resulted in dust extractors that seamlessly complement its scarfiers and shavers. The emphasis on durability, simplicity, and operator safety has led to machines that deliver exceptional performance and efficiency. 


The new concrete shaver, Von Arx DTF35

At bauma Von Arx launched its new shaver model DTF35. Deliveries started in January this year and by the end of September, 125 machines had been delivered to customers all over the world. The machine is available in both electric and LPG versions. For the American market, a 25kW 480v motor is used and for the European market, a DTF35 is available in 15kW and 22kW. The 15kW version needs a 32amp feed while the larger 22kW machine needs 63amp. The 22kW DTF35 has the ability to cut faster without overloading the motor. The cutting width is 35cm and the machine can cut up to 2.5cm deep. Like all Von Arx self-propelled machines, a hydraulic drive system is used to secure high durability and productivity. Low vibration levels (below 3m2/s) and ergonomic handle design creates safe use for the operator. The 15kW machine weighs 307kg and the 22kW weighs 411kg.


Something about Fredrik’s background

It is important to mention in this article is something about Fredrik Åkermark’s background. PDi Magazine has followed his career and the companies he has worked for many years. It all started in the 1990s when Fredrik worked for the Swedish company Bevaclean. Bevaclean decided to sell Pullman dust extractors on the European market, including Scandinavia, and the company Pullman Scandinavia was formed. 

The company was very successful and in 2005 Pullman acquired another Swedish manufacturer, Ermator, with the company name being changed to Pullman Ermator. Pullman Ermator was well-known for its air cleaners, dust extractors and cyclones. Pullman Ermator grew over the years and founded a subsidiary in North America called Ermator Inc., where the Ermator brand was sold. Due to a competition clause, Pullman Ermator was not allowed to use the brand name Pullman on the US market as it still existed as a US Pullman brand. However, in a few years Pullman Ermator acquired the US Pullman company and all Pullman products were incorporated in Pullman Ermator resulting in huge sales, particularly in the US market. 

The Pullman Ermator range of products fitted like a glove with another range of Swedish products, namely HTC Sweden’s range of machines for grinding and polishing concrete surfaces. As Husqvarna Construction Products was expanding heavily it decided to acquire HTC and then also decided to acquire Pullman Ermator. This happened in 2017. As Fredrik Åkermark had been working at management level since the 1990s it resulted in him and the rest of the Pullman Ermator staff joining in following the acquisition. Due to the strong focus on the US market after acquiring Ermator, Fredrik moved to the US to take care of the business there. Until the Husqvarna take over, the US head office was located in Tampa, Florida, but following the acquisition, the head office relocated to Olathe, Kansas. 

Sometime after the acquisition by Husqvarna, Fredrik and his family moved back to Sweden following over 10 years in the US. Fredrik worked for a number of years for Husqvarna Construction Products but decided in 2019, when Swiss manufacturer Von Arx came up for sale, that he would like to acquire the company. “Von Arx is an old brand that I have come across many times during my years working with dust extraction equipment. And dust extraction equipment is of course a little bit where my heart lies. For me, Von Arx high quality equipment creating dust goes of course hand in hand with my ideas of developing equipment that takes care of the dust efficiently,” says Fredrik. “I am very proud of what we are accomplishing at VonArx in Plovdiv and I’m lucky to have such fantastic team. Everyone really puts their heart into the work.”

As a magazine covering this sector since 2000, and through our Swedish publication Professionell Demolering since 1995, it is quite thrilling to see another Swedish owned company doing so well in this sector. Sweden has a very long tradition of developing equipment to grind and polish concrete surfaces on an extremely professional level. The same can be said with regards to extracting the dangerous particles created when preparing concrete surfaces like grinding, polishing, scarifying or shaving. With Fredrik and his team on board at Von Arx, the global market has seen another strong and competent player enter the dust extraction market and will probably do the same regarding air cleaning. 

As a magazine in this field that knows Fredrik Åkermark and his colleagues well, we are just waiting for the first range of floor grinders from the company. We asked Fredrik if that was something he would like to comment on: “No I cannot,” Fredrik says and smiles. “Now we are very busy with what we currently have and for now the company needs to breathe. So do not expect many new products from Von Arx in a while,” Fredrik ends.    

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