Mendiger Basalt relies on Epiroc for tough extraction jobs

Published 22/11, 2019 at 10:27

Demands on equipment are high for German company Mendiger Basalt, a producer of natural stones, gravel and chippings, with the company using Epiroc’s new HB 7000 and HB10000 hydraulic breakers as part of the production process.

Mendiger Basalt researched alternative stone recovery methods, as the use of explosives is complicated due to some areas of its operations being sensitive to vibrations. Therefore, the company also uses hydraulic breakers for direct extraction alongside alternative explosives and a range of mechanical demolition equipment. This method is used to extract basalt lava, basalt and tuff in the company's five quarries. In the adjacent saw mill, 50 employees not only produce ballast and high grade chippings in various grades, but also high quality sawn products, 0-2, 2-5, 5-8, 8-11mm, and for road construction, 0-32 and 0-45mm.

Since January 2016, Mendiger Basalt has been using the world's largest series hydraulic breaker, the HB 10000, in gravel extraction, and has added the new HB 7000 which was supplied by A.B.T. Abbruchtechnik GmbH, a distribution partner of Epiroc. “I'm very impressed,” says Rainer Krings, managing director of Mendiger Basalt, after the delivery of the new hydraulic hammer. “The latest innovations on the HB 7000 are already impressive: the double lubricating system and the IPS system represent a significant improvement of the device.”

For most work, the impact force of the HB 7000 is sufficient. Krings did state however: “But we discovered that there are always areas that are particularly firm and compact and that are more arduous to loosen. The HB 10000 is very impressive here with its approximately 30% higher hitting energy, which has enabled us to also commercially develop more difficult extraction areas.” In general, the two largest hydraulic hammers are used in parallel being used for approximately 2,000 operating hours each year.

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