Messersì at bauma 2022

Published 11/10, 2022 at 11:17

Messersì is a leader in the production of tracked dumpers and tracked carriers, as well as in manufacturing other types of compact construction site machines (mini excavators, skid steer loaders, compact tracks loaders etc.).

Messersì tracked dumpers have features for enhanced performance, reliability and operator safety. Since 2013, Messersì has faced the challenge of providing electric power with two different size models of battery powered tracked dumpers of the ‘Zero Emission’ line. This will be presented at bauma 2022 along with the latest tracked dumper, the TC550d along with the updated CTL45 compact loaders line with Stage V engine.


Zero Emission line

TC120e Zero Emission has a capacity of 1,200kg and fully electric transmission with two heavy duty electric motors making it ideal for working in the most demanding conditions. The hydraulic service circuit for operating the bucket is equipped with a gear pump which uses an electric power supply controlled by a dedicated electric motor. The tracked undercarriage is fully electrically operated with two 2kW electric motors (one per track) powered by the battery. The layout of the track is patented and has tilting rollers in the central area of the track to ensure a large support area, high stability and excellent driving comfort in all conditions of use. To ensure maximum operator safety, the TC120e is equipped with an emergency button and electro brakes. Thanks to the electric power supply system, the TC120e has very low operating and maintenance costs.

TC50e Zero Emission is the smallest tracked hauler in the range and has a 500kg payload. A width of only 660mm allows the model to enter standard sized doorways and to access and steer without difficulty even in constricted spaces. It uses a mixed electric / hydraulic transmission driven by a 5.5kW electric motor powered by a 28 cell battery enabling it work for five to six hours. As with the TC120e, the battery is equipped with a battery management system which oversees the control of the condition of the battery cells. The hydraulic system is equipped with three gear pumps that are powered by the electric motor which commands driving and the loading / unloading systems of the bucket as well as the auxiliary systems connected to it. The recharging time of the battery performed with standard charger (integrated in the machine) is approximately seven hours.


Petrol and diesel power

The new TC120 petrol model is an evolution of the diesel model TC120d: the chassis is equipped with the patented layout of the tracks, with tilting rollers in the central area of the track to ensure a large support area, providing high stability and excellent driving comfort in all conditions of use. In the last three years the TC350d (diesel) model has been updated and has a 3,500kg payload. It is equipped with the 180° swivel skip. Control is through joysticks on the armrests of the driver's seat, which rotates 180°. Powered by a Kubota common rail engine (48.6kW at 2,700rpm) it meets Stage V regulations with an electronic particulate filter. The model is available with a closed cab and 450mm tracks.

A new diesel powered ‘heavy’ dumper is theTC550d.  It is the largest model ever manufactured by Messersì and has a 5,000kg payload capability. It is equipped with the 180° swivel skip with 2.9m³ volume capacity and 600mm large tracks in order to reduce the specific ground pressure. As found with the TC350d, control is through joysticks placed on the armrests of the driver's seat. This model has Perkins common rail engine (85.9kW at 2,400rpm) Stage V with AdBlue. Two speeds up to 12km/h are possible whilst the model is equipped standard with closed cab, air conditioning and rear view camera.


Zero Emission mini excavator and new loader

The M18e electric mini excavator is based on the traditional M18DS with diesel engine. Its lithium ion batteries enable the machine to work continuously for a complete day shift, with battery recharging during night hours. The machine weighs in at almost 2,000kg. Finally at bauma, Messersì will unveil the CTL45 which is a compact Stage V tracked loader which is 1,350mm wide and weighs 2,700kg. Power is supplied by a 33kW Kubota common rail turbo diesel Stage V engine with electronic particulate filter. The ‘Power Take Off’ can supply 56l/min at 190bar.

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