New all-terrain stackers from McCloskey

Published 24/11, 2018 at 13:40

McCloskey has added new all-terrain stackers to its line-up. The stackers blend the benefits of onsite track mobility with the high productivity of a radial conveyor.

This means that in seconds, the conveyor can switch from track mode to radial. The stackers range in size from 18.28m to 45.72m, and are designed for use in any terrain being easily moved site to site without the need to remove the wheels for transport. Built-in levelling indicators allow operators to position the stacker regardless of the ground evenness, with independent hydraulic jack legs to stabilize once in place. Additionally, the stackers feature a unique rear counterweight that counter balances the tracks and wheels, which are behind the stacker’s centre of gravity.

The design of the stackers enables a high stockpile capacity, with the radial wheels set well back. The rear counterweight also firmly anchors the tail end during radial mode, delivering stability to the stacker while in operation. “Helping customers achieve greater production levels is what drives us to design and manufacture innovative products,” said Paschal McCloskey, president and CEO of McCloskey International. “This patent pending design evolved from watching and listening to the customers’ challenges when stockpiling material in a variety of conditions and locations.”

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