New Cat 326 ‘Next Gen’ excavator delivers increased efficiency

Published 27/12, 2019 at 18:43

Key to the design of the new Cat 326 is operating simplicity.

From remote start using a Bluetooth key, or the unique operator ID function to operator specific programming of power mode and joystick preferences, the excavator is easier to operate than ever before. The machine’s touch screen monitor delivers intuitive navigation through its operating menus and includes a digital version of the operator’s manual. Meeting the most stringent emissions standards, the Cat 7.1 engine efficiently powers the new excavator with up to 15% lower fuel consumption compared to the F Series. 

The new excavator features three selectable power modes and one touch low idle with automatic engine speed control. It also boasts a standard high ambient temperature operating capacity of 52o and standard cold start capacity of -18o. The advanced hydraulic system of the new Cat 326 provides the optimum balance of power and efficiency, while giving the operator complete control of excavating precision. The machine’s 12% improvement in swing torque makes the machine easier to swing, especially on inclines with fully loaded buckets. 

‘Smart’ mode operation automatically matches engine speed and hydraulic power to digging conditions, while offering additional 5% fuel savings without impacting productivity. Optional ‘Smartboom’ allows the boom to lower freely without using pump flow, therefore saving fuel. It can also be used when hammering to apply just the right amount of down force. ‘Advansys’ bucket tips are quickly changed with a lug wrench to improve safety, with the versatile excavator featuring auxiliary hydraulic options for using a wide range of Cat attachments.

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