New Cat GC S series hydraulic hammers

Published 25/3, 2019 at 12:44

The new Cat GC S series of hydraulic, silenced hammers - models H115 GC S, H120 GC S, H130 GC S, and H140 GC S - are specifically designed for hydraulic excavators with operating weights from 13t to 40t.

The new models are said to combine optimum power to weight ratios with design simplicity to ensure reliable performance, versatility, ease of use, convenient maintenance and cost effectiveness in a range of applications. As a package solution, Caterpillar designed hydraulic kits are available to provide an exact hammer to machine fit Cat models.

The Cat GC S series hammers provide impact power and reduced owning / operating costs. The gas fired operating cycle delivers constant reliable performance, maximising hammer efficiency. An automatic shut off feature provides blank firing protection by stopping the piston from cycling internally when no material is under the tool. Eliminating blank firing protects the hammer by reducing internal stress and heat, which results in lower overall owning and operating costs. 

As a standard feature, the new hammers feature a protective, enclosed housing, designed to lower the noise level for the operator, as well as for the overall job site. In addition, they incorporate features that buffer the effect of pressure spikes in the carrier's hydraulic system and reduce shock loads on the carrier's front linkage. Helping with critical maintenance requirement is the provision of lubrication (hammer paste). To eliminate manual greasing, automatic lubrication systems are available for the GC S series, with the option of installing either a carrier mounted or hammer mounted system available.

The top mount design of the hammers increases impact power by ensuring that hammer force and stick force are consistently in line. The top mount style also provides a larger work area and enhances visibility for the operator. A further benefit of the design results from the top mounted bracket transferring considerably less force into the end of the stick, reducing both potential bending stress and overall impact on carrier structures. A high pressure accumulator is standard with GC S series hammers, which helps protect the carrier hydraulic circuit by absorbing pressure spikes created during the firing stroke.

A stroke adjuster is utilised for hammer speed / frequency to match specific applications and materials to provide optimum productivity, with the design, manufacturing practices, quality inspections, and testing providing durability in tough applications. The new hammers are designed with mounting brackets specifically matched to Caterpillar linkages for compatibility with Cat machines. Full length side plates provide ready access to service points, with field maintenance capability for tools and bushings, plus field replaceable lower tool bushings for ease of daily operation and maintenance.

The GC S series hammers are fully supported by Cat dealers. Every Cat work tool is supported with a comprehensive range of pre and after sales services, including advice about work tool selection, operator training, equipment management, and a range of financial and insurance solutions.

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