New CF130 and FMK2000 from Promove

Published 25/3 at 13:44

Promove has launched a new series of CF fixed pulverisers beginning with the CF130.

This has a weight of 1,300kg, being designed for carriers from 12t to 18t. Amongst its features are interchangeable teeth instead of fixed plates, resulting in a reduction of maintenance costs and in easy maintenance operations. It comes with three rows of two teeth, of which the central one is staggered and lowered enabling the shearing of material before processing. The compact design has a total length of only 1.7m which allows easier manoeuvrability in demolition operations.

The CF130 features a larger cylinder to ensure a higher closing force during demolition applications, and greater power in the jaws.  It has an increased capacity to deal with a wide variety of materials, and has been designed with a fixed jaw width of 500mm. Pins are safeguarded by a system of bushings providing minimum wear of the pins themselves. The lower plate on the body of CF130 has been designed to provide a secure and stable grip on the work surface, and to more easily move debris and non-crushable materials. The lower plate is made of Hardox 400, making it able to complete numerous work cycles and it is interchangeable. The blades are also reversible in order to use the four cutting edges.



The new multi-functional crusher FMK2000 is the latest development from the Promove R&D team. The innovative crusher allows the use of different types of jaws (primary demolition jaws, secondary demolition jaws, shear jaws) in an easy and fast way directly on the job site. The system of changing jaw is semi-automatic, and has been designed to allow easy, fast and safe jaw switching, in a very short time. The different jaws have been developed to maximise performance with a reduced overall weight structure so that the crusher is more manageable and versatile. The FMK2000 features interchangeable teeth of anti-wear material that are the right size for the hardest demolition work. Furthermore, the teeth are oversized to ensure perfect penetration and crushing.

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