New concrete floor grinding and polishing equipment

Published 22/11, 2019 at 10:51

This year has seen the launch of many new products for floor grinding and polishing. PDi Magazine’s special feature presents the latest arrivals on the market.

Throughout this year PDi Magazine has reported on several new floor grinding and polishing equipment developments. For instance, HTC’s new ‘Start & Grind’ series of smaller floor grinders and dust extractors; Scanmaskin’s new ‘World Series’ floor grinder model 32; Samson 2618, Warrior Equipment’s new 665mm four head grinder; Expander 1000, Klindex’ floor grinder with autopilot and PG 510, Husqvarna’s planetary floor grinder. As well as these, there is no shortage of even newer products arriving in the same field, which are now covered in our special feature.  


New ‘Scoots’ from Au Tour du Beton

Au Tour du Beton’s bush hammering Scoot makes it possible to transform a variable speed grinder into a bush hammering machine through installing the system on the grinder and screwing in the bush plate. The system is easy to install on an Ø180mm variable speed grinder, and is equipped with a front and back handle, with wheels providing stability, and the shroud having an outlet for connecting to a vacuum cleaner. The Scoot enables the use of Ø120mm or 155mm bush hammer plates depending on the desired finish, with Au Tour du Beton offering several models of hand held bush hammer plates with a lifetime guarantee. Similarly, the stand-up Scoot enables the user to turn a variable speed grinder into a bush hammering machine for work where the user wants to stand upright through installing the system on the grinder and screwing in the plate. Lastly, the Scoot can turn a standard angle grinder or polisher into a planer, coming in three formats that fit most grinders. The user needs to set the two screws provided onto the grinder and then clip them into the two ball joints located at the front of the Scoot.


New technology from Ashine

Ashine’s R&D team has been working on new technology in both metal and resin bonds in the past year as well as new production facilities. Ashine’s ‘W-Metals’ diamond technology cuts well on hard to extra hard floors, whilst its new resin bond technology has seen Ashine develop ‘V8’ pads which meet the industry’s requirements for gloss and clarity. With the newly designed ‘Quick-Start’ segments, V8 pads are able to make the diamonds work faster and avoid deep irregular scratches at the start. With strong growth in the past five years, Ashine has also built its own 10,000m2 production facility located close to its existing operation.


Several new Products from Blastrac

At bauma, Blastrac launched many new products including a new large scale ride on floor grinder, BMG-2200, which is designed for large horizontal surfaces. With two drive wheels fitted to the front and a swivel castor to the back, this makes the machine manoeuvrable both on and off jobsites. The operator sits on a seat with arm rests on both sides, along with joysticks, push buttons and a touch screen. The three powerful BMG-780PRO grinding heads produces maximum coverage and effective distribution of grinding pressure on each individual head, meaning each grinding head can be operated individually. The machine comes as standard with variable grinding speed, rotation direction and an independent suspension system.

The BMG-2200 also has variable grinding pressure, being designed with an integrated powerful dust collecting system with HEPA 14 filters, making the BMG-2200 virtually dust free according to OSHA regulations. This heavy duty dust collection system is equipped with an automatic pulse filter cleaning system, ‘Longopac’ system, and is provided as standard with a pre-separator.

The new multitask vehicle BMR-75D features an enhanced trouble free hydraulic drive system, offering better productivity when cleaning and preparing concrete or steel surfaces. As the BMR-75D can fit several attachments, it gives the user greater flexibility to satisfy the needs of the job in hand, whether it is shot blasting or scarifying. The BMR-75D is also ideal for ship decks, parking garages, bridges, roads and warehouse floors. All Blastrac cyclone technology surface cleaning machines are engineered to deep clean outdoor surfaces efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. A multi patented cleaning and recovery head cleans and removes build up with no damage to the surface. The cyclone cleaning head provides high velocity air movement for recovery of waste and water, with no runoff or spillage and no need for an external vacuum system.

Blastrac has also developed a new range of single phase dust collectors. With this new line Blastrac aims to meet customer expectations from an industrial dust collector, professional end user perspective. Equipped with an M-class or H-class certified Longopac bagging system, for small or big jobsites, the dust collector is designed to meet all needs. The new line aims to offer a complete range of small, powerful and high quality dust collectors, all coming equipped with a safe bagging system that protects the health of the operators and saves time on jobsites (Longopac system).



‘Start & Grind’ extended with HTC 510 

In January 2019, HTC launched an entirely new line of floor grinders and dust extractors with a focus on user friendliness and ergonomics. This ‘Start & Grind’ line is now being complemented with a new grinder – the HTC 510 – bringing the total line up to four grinders and four dust extractors. The new HTC 510 is a powerful planetary grinder with three counter rotating grinding heads, making this a versatile grinder suitable for many different applications. It can be used for everything from stripping floors to grinding and polishing concrete, natural stone and wood. The grinder is available both in a single phase and three phase model, from 2.2kW up to 4.0kW, featuring a grinding width of 515mm. A major advantage of the HTC 510 is the machine's grinding head, which is hermetically sealed, making it entirely dust proof. This provides unparalleled protection from dust and moisture, and significantly increases the service life of the enclosed components. Just as with the other grinders in the line, the HTC 510 chassis can be easily detached (and folded up) from the motor prior to transport. It is effectively a robust, strong, versatile and ergonomic entry level machine for professional users who want to quickly and efficiently grind small to medium sized areas.


Floor stripper from Janser

Janser’s new ‘Junior’ ride on model weighs 420kg and uses an in house developed drive design which allows the front plate and tools to be manually positioned during operation. Thanks to its adjustable angle the blade can be set to a flatter or steeper angle under the floor covering. The forward leaning construction puts the centre of gravity under the plate itself. At the core of the Junior is the construction of the motor and hydraulic drive with which the front tool can also be controlled. If the base plate is lowered to its maximum, the blade can reach further under the floor covering which is especially suited for the removal of elastic coverings. The Junior’s base angle and inclination angle, as well as the positioning of the front plate, can be adjusted via a lever near the seat during operation.

With its slim measurements of 1,300mm x 600mm x 1,000mm, the Junior can be transported in smaller vehicles. Operation is facilitated via a power cable which is kept at a safe distance to the wheels or kept above the machine in narrow spaces with the help of a guide rail. The machine features a reverse warning system and a seat switch which turns the machine off automatically as soon as the operator leaves the seat. Hearing protection is not necessary when using the machine as the motor and the hydraulic system operate silently.


Machines for grooving and grinding from Lissmac

Lissmac has released the ‘Pavement Groover & Grinder’, a machine for universal surface preparation. It can be used for surface grinding and acoustic grinding, grooving and bump cutting. It has a saw blade diameter of 485/350mm including modification kit and a grinding width of 1,270mm. The Stage Tier 4 final machine features mechanical gearshift with hydraulic friction clutch, drive type via two pairs of gears, a feed rate of max 72 m/min (idle) and a hydraulic drive turbine. The machine weighs 21t with a maximum capacity of 23t, is diesel driven and is operated with a joystick.

Lissmac’s ‘Grooving Unit’ has a sawblade diameter of 230-300mm and a cutting depth 25-60mm. The thickness of the saw blade core is 1.8mm, segment thickness is 4mm and a shaft diameter of 60mm. The dimensions of the machine (L/W/H) are 1,530mm x 900mm x 640mm and weighs 380 kg. The Grooving Unit can be used with Lissmac’s 'Unicut' 600, a fully hydraulic precision floor saw which features multifunctional joystick, electrohydraulic steering system and an all-wheel drive which distributes power to all four wheels during operation, among other features.


Samedia’s cup wheel series

Samedia has a launched a cup wheel series of 11 products for its three concrete grinders (diameter 125mm or 180mm), with four belonging to the ‘Shoxx’ range and seven to the ‘Master’ range. The company has also released a new concrete grinder, CGR 530, which runs at 1.9kW at 8,200 rpm and weighs only 4.1kg. It uses 125mm cup wheels, can grind to edges in small places and features both height adjustment and an adapter for dust extraction.


Schwamborn’s new grinding machines

Schwamborn’s new DSM 250 edge grinding machine features a swivelling grinding head. With variable speed control and water tank, the new DSM 250S enables polishing of design concrete or terrazzo floors by wet grinding. In addition, with the DSM 250P, Schwamborn has launched a gasoline engine powered version optimised for the removal of lane markings and parking marks, as well as for smaller outdoor grinding jobs, independent of any local power supply.

Also new from Schwamborn is the DSM 450, a grinding machine for medium sized areas up to (approx.) 500 m². The completely revised model family is now available with or without a water tank and as a 230V or 400V variant. The machine is equipped with a step less speed regulator, which makes it possible to grind and design down to the finished design floor. The DSM 450 allows grinding and polishing of concrete, natural stone, terrazzo, screed and asphalt, the removal of adhesives and coatings as well as putties, and regulates bumps efficiently and ergonomically. New abrasion resistant wheels leave no traces and the ergonomic guide handle makes it easier to control and maneuvere the machine. In addition, it is quickly dismantled for ease of transport.



Two new grinders from Superabrasive

Superabrasive has developed two new remote controlled grinders, L25REU (655mm, 7,5kW, 3 phase, 380-400V, 15 Amp) and L32REU (814mm, 15kW, 3 phase, 380-400V, 32 Amp), both part of the ‘Lavina Elite’ series. They feature a digital control panel or HMI that provides operating information on power load and voltage supply, machine hours, hours per day, tool holder speed / RPM. As an option, users may choose setting with tool input, speed feed rate, water supply and lights activation, maintenance reminders, password activation and shut off, as well as a menu in different languages. The remote control is light, precise and easy to use, with integrated mapping on the offset and various functions. The grinders can be used manually and in self-propelled mode, and are equipped with all the new Lavina Elite features. These comprise of dust proof grinding head, integrated weights, misting system, heavy duty water pump, floating skirt with a flexible brush, adjustable LED lights, a phone charging station and cup holder. The remote controlled grinders also have built in electrical protection against excessive voltage, large non marking tyres and a third wheel for easy transportation.


Wolff Tools’ ‘BiTurbo’ stripper for floor coverings

The new ‘BiTurbo’ stripper is designed for removing all types of elastic floor coverings, including parquet. It features high operating comfort, a variable speed of 0-27 m/min, blade adjustment for different floorings and working conditions, and easy transport management as additional weights can be removed. The machine can be divided in the middle, has a handle height that can be adjusted in three steps and easily accessible controls. The stripper has a supply voltage of 230V, 50Hz, a power consumption percussion of 1.5kW and a power input drive of 1.5kW. The number of strokes reaches 3,000 beats/min, blade width is 350mm, weighs approximately 260kg (can be dismantled) and a work rate of approximately 100-150 m²/h.


‘Rox metal bond’ diamond series from Worx+

The new Worx+ ‘Rox metal bond’ diamond series is designed with integrated ‘Consistent Grinding Technology’ (CGT). It delivers high output for heavy duty surface preparation and stock removal through high end polishing, as well as grinding stage specific performance, features bonds of various types and for various purposes. One features Worx+ ‘Zig Zag’ technology, aggressive shape, multiple leading edges for high speed, and enhanced heat dispersion and reduced glazing. It is available in soft, medium, hard, very hard or super hard bonds (16,720 and 30/40 grit segments). The second bond features a curved design which delivers a smoother surface profile and is available in soft, medium and hard (50/60 and 60/80 grit). The third bond features industry first integrated power grouting segments and a segment geometry that maximises surface profile and refinement. The proprietary diamond grit formulation develops dense grout while creating optimal dust particle sizes for packing. The third bond is available in soft and medium (shapes available in 120/140 and 160/180 grit). All in all, the new Rox range features proprietary shapes and grit formulations, application tailored segment shapes and tool longevity. The bonds are field tested and performance validated, providing a solution for surface preparation, concrete polishing, terrazzo and natural stone and for wet / dry use.

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