New concrete polishing diamond tool from Klindex

Published 27/12, 2021 at 12:06

The new ‘Jumper NHU’ from Klindex, which can be used for both wet and dry grinding, has been developed with a new hybrid resin matrix which does not heat up during the grinding process.

Klindex states that the new formula and production technology creates space between the abrasive particles allowing a better cutting performance and preventing over heating while grinding. The benefits of the Jumper NHU, in Klindex’ own words, are increased performance and efficiency; a more uniform scratch pattern; aggressive stock removal with a smoother scratch pattern; longer lifespan; special bonds that make the pads more aggressive and a design compatible with all floor grinding machines used for concrete, terrazzo and granite floors. 

The new Klindex tool is suitable as a transition pad from metal bonded tools to a diamond resin pad. It works with both small and large grinders, and is capable of removing the excess of grouting during the concrete polishing process and is available in grit 30, 60, 120, 220, 400 and 800. The formula of the Jumper NHU prevents dust particles from remaining attracted to the surface by residual charge. This facilitates the removal of dust particles during processing and prevents dust particles that are not eliminated from settling again and landing in microporosities in the concrete.

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