New Doosan DX530DM used to tear down Belloli oil mill

Published 9/3, 2021 at 13:08

Demolition is a vibrant sector that has seen market growth both in Italy and in Europe. To meet this demand, Doosan has launched a new range of high reach excavators comprising of the DX235DM and DX530DM models introduced in 2020, and the DX380DM, which will be launched in the first half of 2021.

A particular advantage offered by these machines is their flexibility, allowing the user to easily switch between the demolition arm and an excavating arm and vice versa, making it possible to perform different jobs on the same site, with the same machine. Doosan demolition excavators are also equipped with a unique high visibility cab that tilts up to 30°, specially designed for high reach applications. These features were decisive in a company choosing the DX530DM for demolition work on the former Belloli oil mill in Milan in Italy, where a new school complex for the town is to be built on the 18,000m2 site. Responsible for the work is Seli Manutenzioni Generali Srl, a Milanese company with over 50 years of experience in the construction sector, which has seen its Demolitions & Excavations business unit grow impressively under Ivano Perego, the commercial director.


Doosan DX530DM ideal for the Job

The demolition work involves the removal of the two sets of buildings in the old oil mill, a smaller tower and the imposing old concrete silos. These rise to a height of about 32m and have a capacity of around 12,000m3. For a demolition of this magnitude and at this height, the DX530DM, the largest demolition excavator model produced by Doosan, was the ideal choice as it has a 29m boom and impressive work range. In this top-down demolition, the DX530DM, equipped with shears, has been used to tear down a building made up of reinforced concrete bearing structures - beams and pillars - and thick brick slabs from above. As with the entire Doosan range of demolition excavators, the DX530DM also offers hydraulic undercarriage adjustment, allowing the width to be extended to 4.37m for optimal stability, which is essential on sites of this type. The undercarriage width can also be hydraulically reduced to 2.97m for transportation purposes. 

The DX530DM with demolition arm has been joined by two other Doosan crawler excavators on site: a DX235NLC-5 working with a concrete crusher and a hammer and a DX300LC-5 with a concrete crusher working on the demolition of the concrete tanks. Once the demolition is complete, the DX530DM will carry out the excavation necessary to prepare the ground for subsequent construction works. For this work, the demolition arm on the DX530DM is simply replaced with the digging arm, maximising the versatility of the machine on site. To facilitate the change of the arm, the machine is equipped with quick acting mechanical and hydraulic connections. A cylinder drive completes the operation by pushing the locking pins into place. The modular design of the Doosan demolition excavator family also offers two mounting configurations for the excavator arm, further expanding the versatility of the machines which are therefore usable in three different configurations.


Machines supplied by Doosan dealer DMO 

The Doosan machines on Seli’s Belloli project were supplied by DMO, the authorised dealer for Doosan and Bobcat for the regions of Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Lombardy (the provinces for Milan, Cremona, Mantua, Lodi, Pavia, Varese, Monza and Brianza). The two businesses have built a successful commercial relationship and Seli has chosen DMO to be the company’s main supplier for the rental and sale of earthmoving machinery. Ivano Perego, of Seli’s Demolition & Excavation division, said: “We rely on DMO both for the purchase and for the rental of Doosan machines, which we customise with the white and yellow colour scheme that distinguishes our fleet. Based on our excellent experience with the Doosan range, we have implemented an investment plan for our new Business Unit in order to have a machinery fleet capable of coping with the important orders we are winning.” 

“Seli is currently active on 11 demolition sites in Milan and the surrounding province, as well as on an important construction site in the heart of Turin, in Piazza San Carlo, where we are carrying out a demolition with Doosan machines on behalf of Banca San Paolo. The workforce at the Demolitions & Excavations business unit is also growing. We already have a team of over 30, including operators and site workers. We expect to be employing more than 50 people this year.”

Gianmaria Lupis, the DMO sales representative for Lombardy, added: “The strong commercial relationship between DMO and Seli is continuing to translate into new machine orders, including the recent arrival of 40t DX380LC-7 and 50t DX490LC-7 excavators. The two new Doosan excavators are extremely robust and productive, ideal for demanding jobs such as demolition. DMO offers efficient specialised technical assistance, both in the 2,000m2 workshop at our new Melegnano headquarters, and directly on site, through our service engineers. This service is highly valued by Seli and by our other customers who continue to place their trust in DMO.”

Seli's investments are not just limited to the company’s fleet. The company has purchased a 20,000 m2 site for the storage of inert materials, where a recycling plant will soon be established. This area is in the municipality of Bernareggio, in the province of Monza and Brianza. A new Doosan wheel loader is already planned for the new depot.

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