New dry cutting diamond tools from Tyrolit

Published 24/2, 2020 at 12:08

With new features and a new design, but with the same trusted quality, the Austrian producer of grinding tools has unveiled its completely revised Premium dry cutting assortment.

Marking the beginning of a new decade, the Tyrolit diamond dry cutting assortment has undergone a complete changeover and is being tailored to meet current market demands.  The Premium product range of dry cutting blades was the first to be brought up to date and has completely been revised with regards to product characteristics such as user friendliness and design. The results are mostly universally applicable tools for all common application areas, with increased performance up by 30%. Additionally all new Premium discs are in compliance with OSA and the EN13236 regulations.

Within the framework of the assortment’s changeover, the segments in TGD® technology were revised significantly. An even more efficient diamond distribution and longer segments ensure the highest performance. On the other hand, the newly designed U-cuts of the conventional Premium dry cutting saw blades improve the cooling effect and the reduced segment surface increases cutting rates.

The new Premium dry cutting blades are available as of February 2020, and in the course of the year, the Standard and Basic product lines are also gradually being reworked. The complete revised dry cutting assortment will then be available in stores by spring 2021.

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