New ‘Ecosilence’ 3.0 from Aquajet Systems

Published 30/6 at 14:56

Despite a cancelled customer event because of Covid-19, Aquajet managed to gather over 100 customers, distributors and industry journalists from all corners of the world for an interactive webinar for the launch of new Ecosilence 3.0.

Each spring, Aquajet gathers distributors, customers, media contacts, etc. for ‘product days’ to introduce new developments. This year’s event was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic but that didn’t stop Aquajet from reaching out to share its news. “Of course the pandemic has affected us just like it has affected everyone else. But we actually have production going in full speed, and most of our customers report that they are also keeping the production going. We hope that it continues and that we can keep working. Furthermore, we have many new things coming up and we can’t keep quiet about that,” says Aquajet Systems CEO Roger Simonsson. To this end, the company invited its contacts to a virtual product meeting on 27 May with around 110 people attending the one hour event. This began with Roger Simonsson greeting participants and announcing the new concept Ecosilence 3.0, which among other things encompasses the new pump module Ecosilence 700.


Quieter and more cost efficient

The webinar saw export sales representative Patrik Andersson introduce the Ecosilence 700, whilst development executive Ronnie Hilmersson presented the technical features and benefits. In short, the new Ecosilence 3.0 offers drastically decreased noise levels and reduced fuel consumption, whilst providing a more compact work solution in narrow and sensitive environments in terms of noise and emissions. It features integrated, automatic start/stop technology which improves fuel consumption, saving as much as 25l of fuel per day for a decreased carbon footprint. The redesigned Ecosilence is also more compact, being a free standing system that can fit inside a 6m delivery container. The new unit also has a dramatically improved pump pressure of up to 3,000bar providing ample power for hydrodemolition of concrete bridges, roadways, quays, etc.

“Our original Ecosilence reached the low noise levels that our customers needed, but couldn’t match the power in our standard power pack, which was necessary for certain applications,” says Roger Simonsson. “We knew we could do better, so our engineers went back to the drawing table to give the best of both worlds – power and low noise levels. During development, we were able to integrate the latest automatic technology and simultaneously decrease the total length of the container with almost 1m.” 

Ecosilence 3.0 has an environmentally friendly, low emission motor and high pressure pump for powering Aquajet’s range of ‘Aqua Cutter’ robots and can be used in environments of up to 45°C. The ski mounted unit uses automatic start/stop technology, like the one found in many modern cars, which temporarily shuts the motor off when not in use in order to decrease idle running by up to 50%. The motor starts automatically when work is resumed. This way, the Ecosilence saves money and decreases emission significantly. The integrated motor and high pressure pump are paired with a modern liquid to air heat exchanger for silent and efficient use. 

The new, ski mounted motor and pump are isolated and heat regulated in an efficiently sealed compartment at the front of the container so as to reduce noise when working in noise sensitive environments. This innovative design also prevents trash and dusty outdoors air from getting into the motor chamber when in use meaning that it can be used in tough environments, such as work on shores or in cold weather, without negative effects. It is also easy to transport and install as it measures 6.1m x 2.4m x 2.6m while maintaining innovative, sound absorbing design functions. These include isolated walls and doors as well as seals on all doors and hatches. Despite its compact length, the container still offers plenty of storage space for hydrodemolition robots, accessories and equipment, as well as options for customising the work area.

Ecosilence 3.0 is available in several pressure and flow combinations, which makes it possible for operators to scale the equipment based on their specific needs. To help contractors choose the ideal unit, a new online tool, the Aquajet ‘Configurator’, has been introduced which leads the operators through a series of standard functions and optional functions for an entirely customised Ecosilence 3.0.


Concise presentation

The entire product presentation was filmed with several cameras so that the webinar attendees could follow and see all details of the new Ecosilence thoroughly on their computer screens. The presentation was concluded with a questions and answers session where a subject raised was that the system weighs about 11t, and that the standard version reaches a noise level of 73dBA, with the professional version having a noise level at 65dBA only. Roger Simonsson stated that Aquajet sees potential for the system in the European and North American markets where its service friendly construction, featuring easy access to all the different parts of the system, with both the robot and the tower being able to be fitted inside the container, will be readily appreciated.

As to the question of how much the system costs, customers were directed to the website where they could build their own power pack. Pricing is bespoke as every container is customisable depending on the application it will be used for. Estimated delivery time is 10 weeks, excluding shipping.

The entire webinar can be viewed at Professional Demolition International’s digital channel, PDi TV by following the link:

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