New era for steel pipe cutting from MotoCut

Published 22/2, 2018 at 13:13

The MotoCut pile cutter cuts concrete piles and now steel piles and pipes quickly, safely, easily and without compromising on quality.

A world first, this self- contained mobile plasma cutter excavator attachment brings significant benefits for the construction and demolition industries. Further aiding usability, the pile cutters can be installed onto an excavator, making it possible to use the plasma cutter as a mobile version, which has the benefit of being able to remove waste while working. 

The self-­contained, fully automated unit is able to operate with any 13-­20t hydraulic excavator with a hammer line and tiltrotator being operated solely by the excavator driver, with no additional labour being required. In addition, the cutting process is fully computer controlled, which means that the productivity and quality is much higher compared to standard cutting methods.


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