New era, new president

Published 4/7 at 07:56

The company Despe has been a member of the EDA for many years. My father, Giuseppe Panseri, has in the past held the position of president of the EDA, and now it is my turn. Just as I took over the family business with my brother, it is now time to continue helping the association that has given us so much.

The past years have been tough in our sector, with the pandemic still weighing on the economy. But even with the thousands of difficulties that have been experienced, we have been able to overcome them thanks to the work done by Francisco Cobo. His work over the last three years has been impeccable and, without a doubt, sets a high bar for my arrival. I would indeed describe his time as president as bittersweet, but he has shown us how much strength and determination are needed to face any problems that may arise. So, I can only tell you, “Grazie mille socio”.

Even with all that has been overcome, EDA must continue to evolve and renew itself. We must look towards the future. Not just me as president, but also all the members who are the essential part of the association. I am very hopeful about the future for EDA, with this new era in which we will put into practice all that we discovered and become more involved with the new needs. We seek to continue offering quality by improving technology and services but without giving up our human and warm nature that has always characterised us.

There could not have been a better start to my presidency than through attending the EDA Annual Convention in Paris. My presidency began surrounded by my dear colleagues, at this wonderful event in the company of great professionals, comprising of some marvellous people. To all, I want to thank them for their support and affection on a day that was so special for me.

We know that there are still thousands of problems that will affect my mandate, but I know we can do it because we will do it together.


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