New ESD 162 designed for dry drilling of the hardest materials

Published 23/11 at 15:33

Since 1919, the Saxon power tool manufacturer Eibenstock has been producing innovative and high quality products for tough construction site use, with more than 90% of all components produced in-house.

All power tools incorporate the experience and knowledge gained from decades of development and design work, always keeping in mind the practical relevance to the construction site and the user. Professionals are said to appreciate the quality and durability of the products in daily use, with the well thought out solutions making work easier and also delivering time and cost savings. Using diamond core drilling technology, mixing technology and countless machines for the renovation sector, the company offers solutions for a wide range of users.

With its new ESD 162, Eibenstock is launching a new powerful soft impact core drilling machine for dry drilling up to a diameter of 202mm (optimum 162mm) in particularly hard materials, such as reinforced concrete or highly compacted sand-lime brick. The specially developed ‘IHT’ gearbox is extremely sturdy due to its innovative ‘Impact Hybrid Technology’ (IHT). High precision toothed rim geometry enables optimised impact pulse delivery to the drill bit and thus faster drilling progress. The soft impact can be conveniently switched ‘on and off’ via a rotary knob.

Moreover, the machine is equipped with the intelligent digital ‘EDMC Pro’ motor control, which protects the machine from overload and informs in time before the carbon brush wears out. The dust extraction system is integrated in the spindle and protects the user from hazardous mineral dusts.  The user achieves best results using the system with the matching BST 162 H soft impact drill rig and the specially developed IHT soft impact drill bits.

The ESD 162 is particularly a problem solver for drilling hard materials in water sensitive areas in existing construction, where wet drilling leads to consequential damage. The drilling range makes the machine suitable for making wall and ceiling openings in sanitary, heating and ventilation construction. The machine will be available in early 2021. Furthermore in spring 2022, a larger dry core drilling motor is also to be added to the product family of soft impact machines.

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