New generation DX27Z-7M mini excavator

Published 12/9 at 13:19

Develon has announced the launch of the new DX27Z-7M 2.8t Stage V compliant mini excavator for the Brazilian market.

This new model provides a larger working range than the previous generation machine, together with higher lifting capacities and digging forces. Another important feature of the new generation mini excavator range is the installation as standard of the latest version 3.0 of the Develon fleet management system, which provides a telematics management system for the excavators by collecting data from sensors on the machines. The DX27Z-7M mini excavator is now the smallest model in the Develon range with the system.

Featuring the new shared global styling for the next generation mini excavator range, the platform design and new upper structure are designed to provide increased durability and robustness. Amongst the many new features included are a new cab design, high luminance LED work lamps, an enhanced heating and AC system as well as a new EPPR valve which is incorporated for two way and optional rotating functions.

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