New ‘Highspeed Core Bit’

Published 9/3, 2021 at 15:49

Adding to its core bit range, Syntec has recently introduced the new Highspeed Core Bit, featuring specially designed crowns for heavily reinforced / high MPa concrete.

“Many customers had requested a tool that makes drilling small diameters by hand easier. When working without a drill rig it is super important that the core bit cuts smoothly, even when hitting steel reinforcing. In saying that, we always recommend using a drill rig with any sized bit,” says Australian general manager, Phil Badcock.  “The crowns on these Highspeed Core Bits have been developed with a softer bond and higher diamond concentration, making faster cutting easier and reducing the likelihood of the core bit grabbing when encountering steel.” Highspeed Core Bits are available in diameters of 12mm to 45mm. Featuring a shorter than usual drill depth, 350mm rather than the 430mm on regular Syntec core bits, they are ideally suited for hand drilling.

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