New Hilti wire saw cuts four bridge abutments in South West Canada

Published 20/12, 2022 at 09:31

Andreas Kuelz from Canadian Cutting & Coring, a concrete cutting division of Pacific Concrete Cutters Ltd, has used Hilti concrete cutting equipment for work done in British Colombia in Canada.

Canadian Cutting & Coring was hired by Hanna Infrastructure to wire saw four bridge abutments on Highway 3, east of the small town of Hope in British Columbia. This is located in the far southwest corner of Canada, sitting almost on the border to the USA and very close to Vancouver. The precise location of the site was Highway 3 and the Cambie Creek bridges, Manning Park, British Columbia.


Purchase of a new Hilti DSW 1510-CA

For the job, Canadian Cutting & Coring’s estimation and operations manager Andreas Kuelz decided to purchase another wire saw for the company. “The high demand for the wire saw work and the fact that our Plattner saw needed a major overhaul made us decide on purchasing a new Hilti DSW 1510-CA”, says Kuelz. “Hilti managed to deliver the new saw to the job in just 10 days, which is quite impressive in the times we are experiencing in these days.”

The crew members Chris Beaudoin and Giacomo Ceccolini mobilised to the site on a Monday and cored the holes required for the wire. On Tuesday morning Hilti’s ‘Heavy Diamond’ specialists Rick Russel and Diana Surwilo joined the team to show them the new features on the wire saw. Hilti spent the day onsite with the Canadian Cutting & Coring crew to make sure every detail had been covered.


Good cooperation

Andreas Kuelz says that for him it was very helpful to learn about the new equipment from Hilti directly on a site. “On sites like this everything must run very smoothly. There is no cell phone reception in a remote place like this. One satellite phone for emergency calls and delivery’s to site turns out to be costly due to the remote locations,” says Kuelz. The Canadian Cutting & Coring crew finished the four abutments on the following Saturday afternoon. Each abutment was also cut into three sections to the end client’s satisfaction. Each abutment measured 11m long and with 1.3m depth, being cut to a 20o angle.

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