New hybrid dust suppression machine

Published 25/3, 2019 at 14:01

The new V22Orca is a dust suppression machine designed specifically for countries with colder climates.

If, due to the cold temperatures, it is no longer possible to suppress dust using water mist, the brand new V22Orca immediately makes snow. Although snow cannons have been used in the past in summer, these products could not be used for dust suppression. Additionally, they are not stable enough for use in mobile applications (on trucks, for example) as even dust suppression machines with built in heating start to reach their limits when the temperature reaches a few degrees below zero. The result is that they merely generate freezing rain.

This all means that the V22Orca provides effective dust suppression all year round. Ultimately, this hybrid solution may be defined as the ‘machine for extreme conditions’, since it easily suppresses dust up to a temperature of +50 °C (with water mist), while in winter it can operate down to -25 °C (with snow).


What makes the V22Orca unique

V22Orca is the first hybrid solution on the market, capable of suppressing dust using water mist in summer and snow in winter. Snow is particularly suited to suppression, since the dust particles bind with the snowflakes. The V22Orca makes it possible to effectively control dust in northern countries, where temperatures are particularly extreme. It is equipped with an air compressor (for snow) and nozzles (for water mist), and on the nozzle crown there are also nozzles that can generate snow. Depending on the atmospheric temperature and the humidity in the air, the machine automatically transitions from summer mode (water mist) to winter mode (snow). There are four different water channels, all of which can be remote or software controlled.

The V22Orca was designed specifically for northern countries, or countries where temperatures are particularly extreme. It is particularly suited for any type of industry, including demolition, ports, loading devices, mines, open air quarries, and so forth. The V22Orca will be presented for the first time at the bauma in Munich. The EmiControls stand will be located in hall C5, at booth 512.

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