New Look S450

Published 27/9, 2021 at 14:59

Bobcat has launched a new version of the company’s S450 radius lift path skid steer loader, introducing Bobcat’s bold new branding scheme for the first time in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) market.

The new Bobcat 3D decals that the S450 now carries for the first time in MEA emphasise Bobcat’s track record for very reliable equipment and maximum uptime. Gaby Rhayem, regional director Middle East and Africa at Doosan Bobcat EMEA, said: “The new S450 introduces a fresh look for our market leading loaders in MEA. As well as being the most popular skid steer loader in the region, the S450 is far and away the most reliable and as a result has the highest resale value on the market. A used S450 with four year/4,000h on the clock will typically sell for 60% of the original price, representing an unbeatable return on investment for our customers.”

The S450 has features to minimise maintenance and to protect the machine including machine shutdown protection, self-diagnostics and battery run down protection. In addition, the S450, like all Bobcat skid steer loaders, utilises what the company says is the industry’s only maintenance free chain case, which further reduces maintenance. This is further reflected by the extended two year (2,000h) standard warranty that is now available for the S450 and all other new Bobcat compact loaders in the MEA market. For easy to access maintenance and servicing, there is simple, full access to the engine checks and fills, filters and battery. There is no need to raise the lift arms to service the machine, providing more time to complete maintenance. 

With what the company says is the largest entry/exit area in its class, operators are said to appreciate the extra space of the wider cab. Once inside, the operator can combine manoeuvrability in tight areas with the reach and visibility the machine provides for applications such as dumping materials over walls, backfilling or loading flatbed trucks.  As well as its compactness, the S450 skid steer loader can now be supplied with a comprehensive choice of over 70 different product families of approved attachments, offering solutions for a very wide range of applications. The S450 also now offers customers all the common loader control patterns with a choice between the popular Bobcat ‘Standard Hand and Foot Controls’ or the exclusive ‘Selectable Joystick Controls’ (SJC). The SJC option provides low effort joysticks to help operators to control their loader and attachments more easily and comfortably. 

Instead of the standard cab, the S450 can be equipped with a ‘Deluxe’ variant. There is also a ‘Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning’ (HVAC) option available. The ‘Cloth Suspension Seat’ option is also now available on the S450, improving the operator’s comfort all year long, providing more comfortable seating on slopes and inclines. Complementing this, Bobcat provides cushioned lift and tilt cylinders on the S450 thus increasing productivity, and again enhancing comfort. It also removes the need for the operator to worry about slowing down the motion of the arms and bucket when approaching the end of the stroke. In addition, cushioned cylinders soften the impact when the lift arms contact the mainframe, greatly reducing the jostling and noise that can be caused by such collisions. The enclosed cab on the S450 has a pressurised interior space that keeps dust down to a minimum, keeping the inside clean and comfortable. The one piece seal and curved door pocket ensure high levels of protection.

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