New ‘Mobibelt’ stackers from Kleemann

Published 24/4 at 10:45

Kleeman’s new mobile Mobibelt stackers have been designed to aid efficient logistics processes on work sites. They flexibly extend the action radius of crushing and screening plants, making large stockpiles thereby helping to improve work site logistics.

Nowadays modern crushing and screening plants regulate material streams within the plant, to a large extent automatically. Nevertheless, machine operators still have a strong influence on the final product quality and the daily output. They control the input with their excavators and wheel loaders, i.e. the loading of material. Users also play the main role with regard to output as they co-ordinate the final products by means of building up stockpiles, intermediate storage areas and loading. Kleeman’s new Mobibelt stackers (MBT 20(i) and MBT 24(i)) assist with logistics as they can be organised flexibly and adapted to the respective situation.


Short setup times and high feed capacities

Both stackers are equipped with a 1.25m³ feed hopper made of resistant ‘KRS’ (Kleemann Resistant Steel), which permits the feeding of material with an edge length of up to 200mm without any problems. An optional hopper extension up to 2.5m³ is provided with an additional impact bar that prevents the direct impact of the feed material on the conveyor belt and thus reduces wear. Thanks to the hydraulically adjustable feed and discharge height, a fast setup is possible and the stackers can be used flexibly behind screening and crushing plants with different discharge heights.


Comfortable operation

The operation of the mobile stackers is less complex than crushing plants and has been designed to be simple and convenient. The MBT 20(i) and MBT 24(i) also have the ‘Spective’ operating concept that makes the intuitive operation of the machines possible. During a typical workday, the operator receives support with a central operating position, local operation and the option of troubleshooting help via ‘Spective Connect’.

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