New portable power box from Makinex

Published 7/3, 2019 at 17:14

The new Makinex power box is a silent, emission free power supply available in several sizes and power configurations. This has been developed so as to alleviate fuel worries, and to mitigate loud portable generator noise and emissions.

The power box is highly portable and comes complete with a rugged wheel system and lifting eye. The portable power box itself is a battery powered AC generator that stores electricity for use when and where power is unavailable. Sizes range from 4.4kW to 17.6kW. 

The power box utilises ‘pure sine wave power’, which is considered to be the cleanest power available, and is used to run anything from computers to portable air compressors. It can cope with high surge loads meaning that it is able to deal with heavy loads not possible on portable generators. It is emissions free, providing ‘green power’ with no exhaust fumes. The power box operates silently and requires no oil changes, tune ups or repairs associated with conventional gas / diesel generators. Furthermore it is easy to use – turn it on and plug it in – and comes complete with a monitoring system providing usage stats, available power and so forth, through Makinex’s smart phone application. The portable power box comes with a lockable NEMA3R cabinet for outdoor/indoor security, and heavy duty wheels for safe and easy mobility.

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