New powerful handheld machines and tools from our manufacturers

Published 11/3, 2022 at 09:40

New handheld equipment for concrete cutting and demolition include a new line of high frequency electric concrete saws from AGP, as well as new angle grinders and a dry cutting tool range from Tyrolit.

AGP launches new line of high frequency electric concrete saws

AGP is launching a new complete line of high frequency concrete saws, including two sizes of hand saw, a ring saw and a chainsaw. The tools all share the same high frequency power converter, so an operator equipped with the full set of saws will be ready to handle different types of cutting tasks. The motors are all based on AGP’s permanent magnet synchronous motor technology (PMSM). AGP states that it is the only manufacturer in the concrete saw industry employing this technology. The company also says it has higher operational efficiency, higher torque density and better dynamic performance under load than high cycle induction motor designs, achieving 90% efficiency at full load.

The AGP model P8K power converter is water cooled and is designed to support tools up to 8,000W. It can run on both three phase 380-480V and on single phase 200-240 V input, using its 16A adaptor cable. One special characteristic of the P8K is that it is actually designed for 32A on single phase. This means that in situations without access to three phase supply, it can still operate at 5,500W power levels with single phase input if it is directly wired to a 30A or larger breaker, rather than using the single phase adaptor cable.

The C406 hand saw provides 150mm depth of cut. Like all of the tools in this product line, it features a 6,200W water cooled motor. It is said to the most economical of the line to operate, since it is optimised for using 406mm diamond blades, which are said to be easy to find at a reasonable cost. It features conversion to flush cutting, guide rollers for perpendicular cuts, and an LED load indicator. The C18 hand saw is the big brother to the C406, sharing the same features, but having an enhanced 175mm depth of cut. This is achieved using a lower gear ratio and larger guard for running a 457mm blade.

The R16 ring saw provides 300mm depth of cut and features AGP’s patented ring saw drive mechanism. The AGP design has been developed to enable more accurate drive tension adjustment, minimising parasitic drag and allowing the maximum power to the blade. AGP believes that its design allows fast blade changes without disassembling the tool. The CS18 chainsaw achieves 470mm depth of cut and has close to flush cutting capability as well. The chainsaw has the ability to make small rectangular cut-outs with no overcuts and is of use when finishing corners with no overcut.

Tyrolit angle grinders for universal applications

In addition to a comprehensively redeveloped and contemporary dry cutting range, Tyrolit is now also launching two new angle grinder models for construction materials and metals for the first time. The universal angle grinders, AGE125 and AGE230, are compact and ergonomically designed and feature strong motors with high efficiency, soft-start as well as a restart and overload protection. The anti-kickback function switches off the motor if the disc jams. Thanks to the optimised cooling and the elaborate dust seal, the service life of the two angle grinder models in the available diameters of 125mm and 230mm is increased.

Adapted to current market requirements, Tyrolit states that its new dry cutting tool range scores with an increased performance by up to 30%, high user friendliness and a new design. The ‘Premium line’, which is already available made the start. From the end of 2021, users can also look forward to the new ‘Standard’ and ‘Basic’ products. The new dry cutting discs of all quality lines are OSA certified and conform to the EN13236 regulations. Tyrolit states that the advantages of the new dry cutting range are up to 30% more performance due to new steel cores, segment shapes and setting patterns; compact assortment with solutions for every construction material; adaptation to current market requirements; product safety as well as EN13236 conformity, OSA certification and a new appearance.

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