New product for abrasive cutting

Published 24/4, 2023 at 10:09

Dynaset is bringing a new product to the abrasive cutting sector. The ‘HAC Hydraulic Abrasive Cutting System’ is an abrasive cutting system that is powered by hydraulics.

The system is used for cold cutting applications in various fields of industry. For example, in the rescue sector, the HAC Hydraulic Abrasive Cutting System is used to extinguish fire safely through walls, doors, and roofs. As a rescue accessory, Dynaset also supplies a tool that allows users to spread firefighting foam with the system’s pistol.

The system’s pistol delivers high pressure water boosted with abrasive sand to the surface at high pressure. The pistol’s control is carried out with wireless technology. The abrasive sand is added to the water stream directly to the pressure line, increasing its kinetic energy compared to systems where the sand is added to water in the pistol. As a result, the HAC Hydraulic Abrasive Cutting System is efficient. This means that users can cut through metal with 320bar while most cold cutting systems require 4,000bar.

The system has two abrasive material tanks, which means that while one is in use, the second can be refilled simultaneously thanks to Dynaset’s patented valve structure. As a result, the work doesn’t stop for refill. It also has an abrasive pistol and hose reel, patented Dynaset valves, and a hydraulic high pressure water pump. The system is powered reliably by the carrier vehicle or the machine’s engine via hydraulics. The system requires hydraulics of 115l/min flow at 230bar.

HAC Hydraulic Abrasive Cutting System will become available for order in late spring 2023.

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