New products from Cangini Benne

Published 30/6, 2020 at 14:32

The company Cangini Benne Srl, based in Italy, manufactures a range of earthmoving equipment attachments.

With its broad range of products it is globally known, being renowned for its developments and innovations. 

Cangini’s core business is based on the production of quick couplers and buckets for excavators from 0.6t to 18t with different kinds of attachments to meet the demands of a growing market. The company’s main focus has been in developing products to satisfy customer needs, being considered a highly reliable partner for providing solutions designed to make its customers’ work more effective, safer and more productive, wherever the equipment operates in the world. Its commitment to developing its own solutions is shown by the fact that the company holds over 20 patents. 

The wide range of models provide an excellent match  for each excavator they are fitted to, providing the best performance for each specific class and application from 0.6t to 14t for the single force ripper , and from 1.2t to 14t for its multi force ripper. The attachments are manufactured entirely in HB400 and are suitable for soil tilting, digging, root and stone grubbing works. They can be equipped with coupling system for excavator mounting and for backhoe loaders. Thanks to the experience developed over the years, the company manufactures different models of attachments for compatibility with all types of construction machinery, which today is a fundamental part of Cangini’s offering. 

In 2020, Cangini acquired another Italian company which has directly contributed to an increase in the number of products offered by the Cangini Group, including compaction plates, pile drivers, compactor rollers and stump grinders. The most interesting product is for sure a pile driver that vibrates and can be also equipped with a clamp. This product, which is extremely versatile, has different functions as the vibrating function helps the driving function to be more effective with the clamp helping to better place the pile. Moreover, the compaction plate is designed to work on any terrain. It is particularly useful for compacting soil during excavation that often results following cable and pipe trenching, with the equipment including a connection to the machine to be fitted to.

Thanks to the quality process and continual development, Cangini is now an OEM for different manufacturers of construction machinery.  This year’s new product catalogue (which can be downloaded through the following link: includes different attachments including new tooth rippers in two different versions: single force ripper and the multi force ripper.

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