New ‘Quick Cut’ attachment from Wimmer

Published 25/3, 2019 at 12:17

New in the Wimmer Hartstahl fleet for demolition is its universal pliers ‘Quick Cut’, which are said to deliver impressive performance with only one cylinder and a fast opening and closing speed.

The simple design facilitates maintenance and service work, with wear parts being easily replaced or reconditioned. The ranges’ ‘alligator’ tooth model possesses a wide jaw opening, with the entire range providing a high punctual crushing force at the crusher teeth. This enables the crushing of hard reinforced concrete, making it suitable in a variety of demolition, recycling and crusher preparation applications. 

Quick Cut is equipped with exchangeable crusher teeth and has integrated, exchangeable cutting blades, with the special shape of the teeth allowing gentle knife cutting. Quick Cut can be optimally used on a carrier of 20t or more, proving its qualities both during a bridge demolition in Rabenstein and during a building demolition in Leoben (both in Lower Austria). Due to the use of particularly wear resistant steel in manufacture and its high crushing force, the Quick Cut with alligator teeth is able to cope with the hardest of reinforced concrete.

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