New remote control for Ronda 200H and 1800H ‘Power’

Published 20/12, 2022 at 09:53

Battery powered hand tools have become increasingly popular among professional users, placing new demands on the vacuum cleaners used as dust extractors for the tools.

Battery powered tools mean more freedom and mobility for the user, but with dust generating tools it remains vital for a good working environment and that the tool is connected to a suitable vacuum cleaner. Conventional power tools with cable are connected to the vacuum cleaner's electrical outlet with automatic start/stop function, whereby the vacuum cleaner starts and stops when the tool is switched on and off. With battery powered tools this is not possible, and you must therefore either switch the vacuum cleaner on and off manually each time the tool is started and stopped, or leave it running continuously, resulting in an unnecessarily high power consumption and machine wear.

The Danish manufactured vacuum cleaners for fine and hazardous dust, Ronda® 200H Power and 1800H Power, which are used extensively in the construction industry and large parts of the production industry, can now be equipped with a smart remote control. This is mounted on the hose near the user and makes it possible to start and stop the vacuum cleaner easily and quickly as required. This is designed specifically to be a great advantage when working with battery powered tools and when using a Ronda® 200H or 1800H Power for dust extraction directly on the tool.


Visual alarm

When working with loud tools such as a concrete grinding machine, hearing protection is mandatory and it can be difficult to hear the vacuum cleaner's acoustic alarm for low air flow, especially if you are standing in some distance from the vacuum cleaner. The new Ronda® remote control is said to be the only one on the market equipped with a visual alarm that flashes red when the vacuum cleaner's alarm is beeping, indicating that the air flow in the hose is lower than the required 20m/s. This typically happens when the collection bag needs to be changed, a filter needs cleaning, or the hose is clogged. The new remote control with alarm thus contributes to a good and safe working environment.

All Ronda® 200H Power and 1800H Power vacuum cleaners manufactured after 1 January 2022 are prepared for remote control, but a communication print must be installed in the motor top of the vacuum cleaner. This must be ordered separately and installed by a professional service technician.

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