New single brush machine from Klindex

Published 27/12, 2021 at 12:04

The ‘Maxi Quadra’ is a new powerful single brush floor care mac swinging and rectangular plate designed for working with and without water.

Thanks to the complete range, it is a machine suitable for many applications such as restoring and thoroughly cleaning resin rubber floors without the need to use chemicals, thus protecting the environment and the health of users. It grinds and sands various surfaces such as wood, reconstructed stone and stone, polishes like a traditional single brush floor care machine and has the advantage of being able to reach into corners as thanks to the rectangular plate, it is ideal for working in really tight spaces. Due to its very low level of noise, it is also recommended for use in such environments as hospitals and hotels and so forth. It ensures water free and completely dust free operations and is ideal for accurate grinding and polishing.

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