New ‘Smart Attach’ fully hydraulic quick-hitch system from Kramer

Published 27/9, 2021 at 15:32

Kramer-Werke GmbH has unveiled a new, fully hydraulic quick-hitch system, Smart Attach. The patented development has been designed to provide flexibility and productivity when changing attachments.

Kramer’s Smart Attach is an enhancement of its well-known quick change plate. This has been a standard piece of equipment for wheel loaders since 1963 and is still an effective system. The new quick-hitch system has the same dimensions, enabling existing attachments to be used. Hydraulically driven attachments can be coupled with the new system without getting in and out of the vehicle, as connection with the hydraulic circuit is automatic. The attachment is locked and hydraulically coupled, with automatic pressure release by a simple touch of a button, with a secure two hand operation. With the coupling unit’s integrated locking display, the operator can always see that the attachment is attached to the machine successfully and securely. For all machines already fitted with the new quick change plate, the display also features a corresponding illuminated indicator.  The company states that what makes Smart Attach so special is its flexibility as attachments without the hydraulic function and attachments with the conventional hydraulic coupling system can still be used. 

Kramer also provides the EC declaration of conformity for the entire system, for both machines and attachments. Initially, the system will be offered as an option in the large ‘5-Series’ as well as for some machines in Kramer's premium ‘8-Series’. As well as the attachments already factory fitted for these machines, corresponding retrofit kits will also be provided ex works to enable existing attachments to be fitted with the system. The fully hydraulic quick-hitch Smart Attach system is said by the company to be an innovative and sustainable enhancement, highlighting Kramer’s continued focus on flexibility, durability and quality. 

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