New ‘Super Compact’ Dynaset hydraulic generator models

Published 21/4, 2020 at 13:18

Dynaset’s new hydraulic generators are lighter and smaller than ever. They can be up to 95% smaller than diesel generators with equivalent power, with the new ‘Super Compact’ models being introduced at Conexpo/Conagg Las Vegas, USA.

Dynaset’s HG hydraulic generators converts the hydraulic power of machines, vehicles and vessels into electricity providing a power range of 3.5kVA-350kVA with high levels of reliability and a compact size alongside backed by worldwide support. The latest release includes a completely new set of standard HG models with 60kHz frequency operating in the 3.7kW-38kW power range. The generators are light weight and are of a compact in size, enabling the easy installation on any vehicle and possess a robust design with UL certification pending.

Also new is a 3.5kVA hydraulic generator which is smaller than the previous model and is 2kg lighter. The 3.5kVA 50kHz model uses a new type of hydraulic motor which is also included in a 3.7kW 60kHz model. The key improvement of the new model is its much improved hydraulic requirements. The hydraulic generator requires only 18l/min of hydraulic oil flow instead of 23l/min as in the previous model. The new model can be installed on machinery with a limited hydraulic output, for example, small platform lifts.

In addition to the above, Dynaset has introduced a new 19kVA model that is 35% smaller than the equivalent older model. The completely new 26kVA model is 90% smaller than the typical equivalent diesel generator, with the size difference being highly significant, as one equivalent older diesel generator takes as much space as ten HG 26kVA hydraulic generators. This is even more significant when the HG 35 kVA hydraulic generator is compared to a diesel generator, with the Dynaset hydraulic generator being 95% smaller.

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