New tools and attachments for the ‘Methor’ multi tool

Published 4/7, 2022 at 08:42

Designed as a multi tool, the Doppstadt Methor ensures high flexibility for a range of tasks and materials. Thanks to its modularity, the single shaft shredder can easily be adapted to various requirements. At the Ifat in Munich from 30 May to 3 June, Doppstadt showcased new tools and attachments for the multi tool.

“The Methor is our all-rounder for the processing of small, medium and frequently changing material flows,” explains Moritz Müller, product manager at Doppstadt Umwelttechnik GmbH (DUG). “Thanks to its high flexibility as regards the range of applications and materials, it meets the diverse needs of our customers efficiently and profitably.” The shredder is used, for example, in the processing of commercial and industrial waste, bio waste, C&D waste, waste wood and bulky waste. It also handles mono charges such as mattresses reliably.

To offer users maximum flexibility, the Methor was designed as a modular system. Customers can combine various components to create an overall solution that best meets their requirements. Therefore, the single shaft shredder can be equipped with different teeth sizes - ‘S’, ‘M’ and ‘L’. Several variants of counter blades are also available. “In the market, all the components have proven to be most reliable. In combination with the well thought out shredding concept, our robust shredder performs all of its tasks reliably even in the most adverse conditions,” Müller explains. Moreover, Doppstadt showcased a newly developed roller for C&D waste processing at the Ifat show.

Thanks to the attachments available for the Methor, which are available now, customers can operate even more flexibly. From now on, the shredder may be combined either with a double drum, a spiral shaft screen, a star screen, a wind sifter or a magnet, to create an efficient processing solution. All the attachments are replaceable within a few minutes. Doppstadt also offers a variety of optional equipment for the Methor, including having the shredder available on a hook lift or crawler chassis. Users can also choose between a diesel or electric drive.

For the operators, the robust shredder also offers many benefits. The shredding system can be changed within 45min, so that new material flows can be processed. The efficient direct drive enables a precisely adjustable performance and undisturbed operation.

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