News from Husqvarna and HTC

Published 25/2, 2020 at 11:04

Husqvarna Construction Products has lined up a number of new products for introduction during the first quarter of 2020.

Firstly, the manufacturer has launched a new series of PG floor grinding machines including three new sizes and eight new models. One of which is a propane driven machine designated PG 690. Additionally Husqvarna has launched a new petrol driven floor grinder PG 400 Petrol. Husqvarna has big hopes for the latter model, particularly in the US market for grinding outdoors on roads, keys, sidewalks, etc. where electricity is hard to obtain.  For this machine a matching dust extractor has been developed, namely the T 4000 Petrol, which as the name suggests, is also petrol driven. This dust extractor is also available in a special version for the Husqvarna ‘Soff Cut’ line. The Husqvarna ‘Hipertrowel’ line for concrete floor polishing has been upgraded with new metal bond ‘Hiperflez TRW LongLife’ tools. These have been developed for soft and abrasive concrete and provides longer life on these types of surfaces. Furthermore, Husqvarna has launched three new ride on trowels, CRT 60 X, CRT 48, CRT 36, that were acquired from Wacker Neuson. Three new mud guards have been developed for the three trowel models which makes the wet polishing process easier.

Also the HTC brand within Husqvarna is launching its latest developments. These comprise of the HTC Duratiq XP6 which was launched at World of Concrete in February and is a propane driven grinder which has been developed for the US market. HTC has also launched new tools XX3 and XX4 in the XX series. These tools are developed to grind extra hard concrete, with the series now containing three different tools, namely XX2, XX3 and XX4.

Husqvarna has also introduced the new DM 400 and DM 430 – single-phase 3.2 kW electric drill motors, combining typical Husqvarna usability features with a new level of sturdiness. They are also the first Husqvarna drill motors to be equipped with Embedded Connectivity.

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