News from Siegenthaler Consulting GmbH

Published 8/7, 2021 at 18:32

Siegenthaler Consulting, founded by Ernst ‘Sigi’ Siegenthaler in 2017 as a sole proprietorship, has now been converted into a GmbH.

 In PDi 1, 2018, PDi published a story about the company which provides project consulting services for complex concrete cutting applications. Since the company started in 2017, the number of assignments has grown steadily. Sigi states that demand for diamond wire application training has risen strongly. The company has also designed and delivered special diamond wire sawing machines and very useful additional devices that are used in the dismantling of nuclear power plants. 

Cooperation with ATP Hydraulik AG in Switzerland has proven to be highly effective for larger and very complex diamond wire saw systems, or for remote controlled equipment carriers, providing diverse dismantling techniques in nuclear power plants. “Since 2020, a range of various special diamond wire qualities has been part of our services and assortment. We deliver high quality diamond wires that meet the highest demands. Our clients will continue to benefit from competent and project related advice,” says Sigi.

Siegenthaler Consulting GmbH has updated its website, with the new address being: Also Sigi’s new email address is now:

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