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Published 25/3, 2019 at 12:21

Cutting tiles without dust is now possible due to the latest developments from Spanish manufacturer Sima, the new ‘Elite’ tile cutter for indoor cutting, which is powered by a 1300W angle grinder with a Ø 125mm diamond blade.

Its performs straight cuts as well as 45º cuts, windows and grooves,  has a cutting depth of 22mm and weighs 35kg. Thanks to its aluminium support arms, it is able to handle bigger slabs, and can operate on the floor, on a bench or on a set of easels (as an option).


Small size tile cutter Keramax

The Keramax is a wheeled table saw specifically made for large porcelain tiles, being a semi-portable solution that performs fast cuts. An adjustable water refrigeration system focuses the water supply on the points that need more water during cutting, with a foldable support arm to hold and handle bigger slabs. The tile cutter also includes a set of clamps to fasten and immobilize the slab on the table, with telescopic fold away legs that can be adjusted for table levelling.


Triton crushing debris into sand

Triton is a debris crusher for refurbishing works indoors. After use, the resulting sand is a third of the volume of the original debris. Furthermore, if the debris is free of gypsum, wood or metal, the sand can be re-used to mix with cement and produce mortar. The Triton crusher is offered in a three phase or single phase (with inverter) version.



HandSafe protects the operator from accidentally touching the blade while cutting. If the blade touches human skin it will stop in 40 hundredths of a second, thereby limiting any damage. It works through a sensor detecting any changes in resistance, humidity and conductivity. If parameters change at any given moment, differing to those of wood for instance, the sensor will send a signal to immediately stop the blade. HandSafe received the Intermat award in 2018 for innovation in safety.

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