Next generation battery power cutter

Published 8/7, 2021 at 18:23

With ‘K1 PACE’, Husqvarna has taken a big step forward to offer customers a high power battery cutter that can handle the heavy duty jobs. This is the first product to be launched on the company's new battery system, ‘PACE’.

“What we presented on 10 June was a breakthrough in the market for power cutters. We are extremely proud to introduce a high power battery cutter that fully supports the transition to low carbon economy the construction industry needs,” says Mattias Holmdahl, global product manager for Power Cutters at Husqvarna Construction. With more than 60 years of experience as a power cutter manufacturer and with a leading position in handheld cutters, Husqvarna Construction believes it has the expertise it take to lead the development from petrol to battery powered equipment. 

With K1 PACE, customers can expect power and performance equivalent to petrol powered cutters with all the additional benefits battery powered equipment brings to both operators and the environment. Mattias explains: “We see an increasing number of construction companies striving for carbon neutral workplaces, and as a leading supplier, we feel a responsibility to contribute, together with our partners and customers towards greater sustainability.” The PACE battery system can be utilised for more machines as the battery powered family expands. In addition to the power cutters and battery system, diamond blades in 300mm and 350mm have been optimised for battery operation. The machine is also equipped with ‘X-Halt’ brake function capable of stopping the rotation of a blade in a fraction of a second for enhanced safety.

K1 PACE was shown at World of Concrete in the US from 8 to 10 of June and for those who had the opportunity to try the machine, Mattias Holmdahl promised a whole new experience. “We know what it takes to get the high demanding jobs done, and we do not compromise on quality and safety. With K1 PACE, customers get a high performance battery power cutter that provides zero direct emissions. They can expect lower vibrations, smoother cutting and that the machine's low weight and optimal centre of gravity help reduce the strain on their body.” 

K1 PACE will be demonstrated by Husqvarna Construction and the ‘sales start’ will take place in stages during the second half of the year, starting in the Nordic countries. More technical data will be released at the start of sales process.  

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