Next generation of Pentruder is getting closer

Published 25/3, 2019 at 12:41

When developing the third generation of Pentruder concrete cutting machines, Tractive wasn’t interested in compromises.

“When we made up the plans for the third generation concrete cutting machines, the Pentruder HFi-system, a set of very tough targets were defined”, says Anders Johnsen, who leads the Tractive product development team. One very important target was to in the best possible way, respect customers’ desire for lower weight machines, without compromising performance, productivity and ease of use.


Reaching tough targets

In the quest to reach all the tough targets, the development team had to invent and define new ground breaking technology. “While the current line of Pentruder HF products are the most powerful, reliable and the most productive machines on the market, the new HFi-machines had to be clean sheet designs, carrying over basically no technology from previous generations’ high frequency or hydraulically driven machines. Every concept and detail design had to be significantly improved upon and refined. One example is the new RS2 wall saw, which to meet legislative requirements just not would be allowed to weigh more than 25kg, which in many places is the limit for one man operation. 

“In close cooperation with its highly valued development partners, the Tractive team broke new ground in the field of motor drives and motor design,” says Johnsen. Specially designed motors and drives give the new generation Pentruder machines high productivity, reliability and ease of use. In the new HFi-system, Tractive offers a true modular future oriented platform, where a small and lightweight powerpack drives a wide range of products.


Built to last

Tractive want new as well as older Pentruder machines to perform at the highest level for many years to come. “There is nothing more rewarding than having a customer hand in a ten or even twenty year old saw for service and then just go out and cut again. We have the same design strategy with the new HFi-system,” adds Johnsen.

Tractive is a relatively small, family owned company with a long term strategy. Anders and Ingrid Johnsen who started the company have a long history in the concrete cutting business, and have for many years now been joined by their children, who run the day to day business. Kristoffer Johnsen, head of operations says: “We are investing heavily in machinery equipment to meet the expected increase in sales. It’s definitely been the right thing to do for Tractive to keep production as much as possibly in-house. In this way we can keep full control over quality, our excellent staff sees to this, and with modern, state of the art manufacturing equipment it is very efficient.”

Marie Peil, marketing director at Tractive adds, “ Yes, we are really happy with the path we are on, and plan to continue bringing innovative machines to the concrete cutting market with the aim to improve the everyday life of the concrete cutting operator.”

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