Niklas Nillroth takes over CECE presidency

Published 24/2, 2020 at 10:52

As of 1 January 2020, 2020 Niklas Nillroth is the new president of the CECE, succeeding Enrico Prandini of UNACEA & Komatsu. The CECE presidency is a rotating position held for two consecutive years by each of the associations representing their respective member nations.

Niklas Nillroth chairs the Swedish Construction Equipment Association SACE and is vice

president ‘Sustainability & Public Affairs’ of Volvo Construction Equipment. Within Volvo CE, Niklas has gained broad experience from management positions within several different areas, such as purchasing and supply management, product development, change and project management as well as general management. 

Building trust – enabling innovation
“As the CECE president, I will devote particular attention to the issue of sustainability in construction. With a special focus on the push for emission reduction and the initiatives being put in place by authorities and the rest of the industry,” said Nillroth. “What is still missing – and I want to focus on – are the pull factors making these technologies appealing and mainstream for client and users in the larger construction industry,” he continued. Niklas will also continue the long term strategy of his predecessors to embrace the transition into the digital era by promoting compatibility and inter-operability between products and processes. ‘Enabling innovation’ will also be the theme of this year’s CECE Congress, which will be held in Stockholm from 7 to 9 October.

As president, Niklas Nillroth represents 1,200 construction equipment manufacturers in Europe. These companies generate €40B in yearly revenue and employ around 300,000 people overall and aims to facilitate the effective work of the CECE. “Several groups of dedicated CECE experts are actively collecting and sharing their knowledge to contribute to an informed decision making process at the EU level. Following on the steps of Enrico Prandini, CECE will work to further strengthen the public profile of the European construction equipment sector, describing and promoting the importance of the sector for the European economy and society at large,” concluded Niklas Nillroth.

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