OilQuick launches the new OQTR-E09 tiltrotator

Published 19/4, 2022 at 09:19

With the new OQTR-E09, the smallest in the OilQuick range, the manufacturer has announced that it now cover tiltrotators for excavators ranging from 6t to 33t.

OilQuick tiltrotators have been developed to automatically increase contractors’ flexibility and efficiency whilst taking the machines to a whole new level. With the new OQTR-E09 tiltrotator is equipped with OilQuick ‘sandwich’ solution, meaning that the operator can tilt, rotate, and change the tiltrotator to a bucket or other hydraulic, electrical or mechanical attachments under the tilt. This aims to deliver maximum digging capacity, breaking force and function with the right attachment being used at right time, safely, quickly and easily from inside the cab. With the release of the smallest OQTR-E09, OilQuick now cover excavators from 6t all the way up to 33t. The new tiltrotator is prepared for an OilQuick OQ45 quick coupler system making it ideal for smaller excavation jobs and planning work with smaller machines.


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