OilQuick opens British subsidiary OilQuick UK Ltd

Published 5/10, 2020 at 16:19

Interest in OilQuick's quick couplers has grown steadily over the last few decades. With the new OQTR-E tiltrotator, that interest has grown even further.

Until now OilQuick has only been represented in the United Kingdom by dealers and distributors whilst having subsidiaries in France and North America. The company has now announced the creation of a new subsidiary in Great Britain.

OilQuick UK Ltd will manage direct sales, marketing and service. In parallel with this, OilQuick UK will continue to expand its network of dealers and service partners, with the current partners being Murray Plant in Warrington and Linwood, and Mutley Plant in Aylesham. Henrik Sonerud, CEO of OilQuick in Sweden comments: “This is a natural step to meet growing demand and to expand further. With our own company we have better control and can compete on equal terms. Great Britain is an enormous market that has great potential for development, both for our base product, fully automatic quick couplers, and also for our new OQTR-E tiltrotators. In Scandinavia the market is more mature and nearly every machine has both a quick coupler and a tiltrotator. In Great Britain the market is not yet as far advanced.”

OilQuick has recruited Steve Parker who comes to OilQuick from ECY Haulmark Ltd. Steve has worked in the industry for over 30 years and will now be territory manager for OilQuick UK. “I am very familiar with OilQuick's quality couplers and have only had positive experiences. They are the highest quality and we can't wait to get started,” says Steve, who continues, “With the new OQTR-E tiltrotators we now have an enormous market available to us. We are going to hit the market hard to reach both the users and decision makers.” OilQuick UK becomes operational on 1 October 2020.

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