OilQuick updates logo and profile

Published 30/12, 2020 at 09:34

Recently, and with many not noticing, OilQuick changed its logo and profile in the German speaking market during the autumn.

The change is now continuing in other markets. OilQuick marketing manager Johan Lindqvist commented: “The reason for this test was that we wanted to see how the market reacted. But as predicted, it was well received. All reactions were positive and now the change is continuing on other markets all around the world. The old logo has been around for a long time and we thought that it was time to have a refresh and get a common design language for all our markets. The new profile is contemporary and the logo's minimalistic geometric shapes represent OilQuick's modern, innovative attitude very well. It also conveys our product's stable and high quality position, without being too frilly.” OilQuick is currently working on a new website and replacing all other marketing material with the logo and the new profile which are to be rolled out worldwide during Q1 2021.


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