One saw blade for all materials

Published 8/7, 2021 at 18:19

With the Cut-All, the Austrian manufacturer of grinding tools has introduced a new all-round development for the construction site. The all in one saw blade makes the processing of materials a simple task without changing blades and with the usual levels of quality.

The Cut-All diamond cutting disc is the new all-rounder development for the Tyrolit range which is said to have impressed both professionals and domestic users with its versatility. The product name explains its premise - a robust saw blade that is well suited for almost all materials found on the construction site. It is said to also be the ideal tool for all kinds of conversion work in the house and garden as well as proving suitable for rescue work undertaken by rescue services. In addition to a long lifetime, the new all in one disc provides clean cutting and has been available in standard diameters since the end of 2020.

The Cut-All has been designed for universal use in the construction, gardening and the landscaping. It can deal with all sorts of materials including concrete, stone, cast iron, composite materials, plastics, glass, wood, sheet metal and metal sections, making it ideal for emergency operations by fire brigades and rescue forces. It has been designed to provide a long service lifetime and deliver constant cutting performance.

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