Outstanding results reported with the Tyrolit bump cutting and grinding blade

Published 10/5, 2021 at 14:27

Tyrolit has reported that the grinding of concrete surfaces of roads and airport runways is easily accomplished using the ‘Premium BGX-C3’ diamond blade.

The laser welded diamond blade is especially designed for all bump cutting and grinding applications and available with diameters ranging from 300mm to 485mm. Thanks to the use of ‘TGD’ technology, the blades are run smoothly and have an exceptionally high and constant cutting performance. The results are said to be impressive with an optimum grinding pattern with clean cutting edges. The BGX-C3 blade also has a long lifetime in combination with fast cutting and is available in different specifications for different concrete aggregates.


The right combination

Beside professional tools, Tyrolit also offers an assortment of machines for grinding the concrete surfaces of roads and airport runways. In grinding operations, the PC4504CE delivers high performance with the 9m long machine having a 127cm wide grinding shaft, which can be fitted as standard with up to 250 BGX-C3 premium diamond saw blades with a diameter of 485mm. To meet the various requirements in grooving, the product range includes compact machines as well as the almost 9m long ‘PC1505 Groover’, which can be equipped with Tyrolit diamond saw blades with diameters up to 300mm.

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