PDi is launching ‘DemolitionToday’

Published 29/6, 2020 at 12:48

It is a changing world we are living in; or should I say everything is new? The Covid-19 pandemic that has turned the world upside down is something completely new that we all have to deal with.

Another thing, long time before the coronavirus appeared, was the transformation of the media industry, slowly moving from printed material to virtual and digital platforms. I have been working in the press since the early 1990s and I have seen changes that were hard to imagine before the advent of the personal computer and the internet appeared.

Firstly, the entire printing industry changed and almost a whole profession disappeared, the graphic artist. Thanks to new hardware and the software mounting of printing films they were no longer required. The separation of colours (which forms a major part of the printing process) is now made automatically on computers with the artwork being applied directly to the printing plate. The constant development of digital (email, internet etc.) communication has also extracted a heavy toll, with letter writing on paper, for instance, being something that anyone is hardly doing anymore. Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. are now where people meet and interact. Even if these channels were to disappear, they would be replaced with other types of virtual meeting points on the World Wide Web.

Therefore PDi has taken a bold decision to increase our presence digitally and on the internet by launching a news channel called, DemolitionToday. The full details concerning the channel have not been completely decided upon yet, but we will broadcast as often as possible, hopefully once each week. Each episode of DemolitionToday will be between 5min to 10min long, mixing short news exerts from all over the world. The focus will be similar to PDi, covering all sorts of demolition, concrete sawing and drilling, recycling, remediation, concrete floor grinding and polishing applications, as well as related products for these sectors. There will also be short commercial clips in between the news messages.

The idea feels quite thrilling and is something completely new to us. However, we have very good access to industry news in these sectors so that will not present a problem. We are now actively encouraging contractors and manufacturers to send us news spots and footage that we can share with our viewers. It is possible that in the future we also will broadcast longer feature videos such as documentaries concerning special projects within in the covered industries.

Even though our broadcasting has not really started yet we recommend you to go to YouTube and search for DemolitionToday and start subscribing. After the summer, we are also set to launch www.demolitionToday.tv where viewers can more easily watch each episode of DemolitionToday.

Finally, I would like to wish everybody in the Northern hemisphere a nice summer and a great vacation, whilst to our readers below the equator, all the best in business.  I hope you all enjoy reading issue 3-2020 of PDi Magazine.

Jan Hermansson

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