Pentruder’s new HFi technology platform near completion

Published 21/4 at 13:46

A complex and very comprehensive work on the new technology platform for Pentruder concrete cutting equipment is nearing its end. Tractive AB has with its new HFi technology taken a big step into the future.

Kristoffer Johnsen, Manufacturing Director at Tractive, summarises the project: ”It has taken longer than we planned for but we have reached our high goals regarding weight, performance and safety. We have invested a lot in operational reliability both for mechanics and electronics, which the users will notice. One challenge, however entirely necessary, has been to achieve the highest EMC rating. This will increase reliability, especially when a generator is used.

Kristoffer continues: ”Everything is developed from the ground up, and is based on a groundbreaking engine with extremely high power / weight ratio and advanced motor control. The efficiency is as much as 93%, which enables high power in a compact saw. All components and manufacturing methods are selected to provide a durable product, such as the highest quality of magnets and innovative manufacturing technology to keep them in place.

The fact that Tractive as a relatively small company has been able to take this technological leap is only thanks to cooperation with a few important partners with cutting-edge knowledge. Marie Peil, marketing director, says: ”To be completely honest we were on the wrong path for a while but we took the time to stop that, and start all over with a new concept with a separate power pack instead of integrated electronics on the saw head, and with a new partner for motor control. We are certain this was the right decision, although it has delayed the market introduction substantially.”

Concrete cutting is a tough job, and Pentruder always has the concrete cutters in focus. Priority was therefore given to weight and ease of use. One of the most important goals when Pentruder RS2 was developed was to bring out a wall saw weighing less than 25 kg. Furthermore, EU directives state that 25 kg is the highest weight for a single person to handle. The target was achieved and the RS2 weighs under 25 kg including an integrated 18 kW motor.

Both power pack and radio remote control are developed by Tractive and partners and are adapted to the tough conditions in the concrete cutting business. The radio remote control is sturdy, water proof, has a long battery life, clear display and very secure radio transmission. The Pentpak 3 which drives the RS2 wall saw is also water proof and very robust.


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