Pentruder unveils new core drilling system at WOC 2024

Published 4/3 at 11:18

Tractive AB, a Sweden based trailblazer in concrete sawing and drilling technologies that markets its products under the brand name Pentruder, used the World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas to debut its new MDU3 core drilling system.

Coming in three models, the MDU3 is a three phase drill motor which does not need a powerpack. All three models boast high power rates and a wide range of spindle speeds, making the MDU3 applicable to all sorts of drilling tasks. The 60Nm MDU3-30 model accommodates drill bits of up to 300mm in diameter and has a rpm range of 200 to 1800. The 120Nm MDU3-60 uses core drills of up to 600mm has a rpm range of 100 to 900. The powerful MDU3-100 operates with core bits of up to 1,000mm in diameter within the 50 to 450rpm range. 

Pentruder’s sturdy drilling system is built around the ‘TS-track’, which is normally used together with the manufacturer’s wall saws, forming the basis for a number of drill rig options. The ‘CEL-TS’ configuration, which is designed for line, stitch and corner drilling, consists of Pentruder’s track feet with the two TS-tracks mounted on it. With the CEL-TS, the operator can move the track with the drill motor along the drill line for precise positioning of the core bit. Designed for angle drilling, the PDT1 configuration allows the operator to drill at any angle and to maintain it as the pivoted head is moved along the track when stitch drilling. Depending on the job requirements, the rig can be fixed either on a baseplate or the two track feet. If used with the track feet, the system can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical position. 

The CER-M3-U configuration is intended for using the Pentruder drill rig with other brands of drill motors. The CER-M3-U universal drill carriage can also be combined with the CEL-TS stitch drilling rig or the PDT-1 pivoting head. 

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