Powerful cutting machines for the construction site

Published 4/3 at 11:44

Stihl has introduced the TS 710i and TS 910i with electronic fuel injection system, which are set to be the brand's most powerful cutting machines.

The new cutting machines are designed for the demanding cutting of mineral or metallic building materials. With an output of 5.2kW (TS 710i) and 6.2kW (TS 910i), these universal machines, equipped with Stihl ‘Injection’, are the most powerful cutting machines in the Stihl range. The electronic injection is designed to ensure the delivery of high torques at all times and make the cutting machines insensitive to high cutting pressure. The sensor controlled fuel measurement in combination with the decompression valve and Stihl ‘ElastoStart’ are designed to make the cutting machines particularly easy to start, with all that is needed to turn them off is to press the stop button.

The versatile machines are designed for cutting blades with a diameter of 350mm (TS 710i) or 400mm (TS 910i) and are equipped with a Stihl anti vibration system. In addition, this new generation of cutting machine is designed to be particularly efficient and has low emissions thanks to the innovative combination of injection technology and a modern combustion engine with scavenging type.

The new machines system has been developed to reduce vibrations in the handles, which makes it possible to control the machines very precisely and enables precision cutting in all positions. Together with the compact and stable machine design and balance, the load on the user's joints and muscles is also minimised. Stihl has also optimised the new cutting machines with regard to service and maintenance. All relevant data can be retrieved via the diagnostic socket, and the efficient filter system increases the service life.

The cutting machines can be easily integrated into the Stihl connected cloud based system solution via a smart connector that is attached to the machine. For professional users, this digital machine fleet offers, among other things, a detailed overview of all relevant machine data, such as operating time and age, as well as upcoming maintenance and maintenance history.

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