Presidents Column PDi 2-2020:

Published 21/4, 2020 at 11:13

Recently in Germany we have had the successful BeBoSa trade fair and two successful annual conventions, but then, as often happens, things turned out differently to what was expected.

A virus now has a firm grip on the world and everything we planned two months ago has long since been overtaken by the sad reality of day to day events. 

Different and varying measures have been put in place in most countries to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, with borders being closed and most travel now impossible. Most countries have brought back their citizens from all over world, with air traffic coming to a practical standstill. Schools are also closed and children are taught at home, with unessential shops, bars, restaurants and all leisure facilities forced to close for the foreseeable future. Most countries have been badly affected, but what unites us all is the fact that we are experiencing a certain ‘deceleration’ of our everyday lives, due to quarantine and home working. 

Our industry however is still allowed to work in most countries, although with certain restrictions. As a result, this crisis is not yet hitting us with full force and we can hopefully get through it successfully. Maybe we will learn to appreciate some of the changes forced upon us and learn some lessons about what is truly important.

When all of this is over I am looking forward to meeting you again at one or other of the many postponed events. Its seems as if the world has grown up a little during the crisis and that we have moved a little closer, with everyone being more considerate of others than before. Let's hope it stays that way.

Stay safe and at home.

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