Priestly Demolition announced as new member of EDA

Published 9/3, 2021 at 11:31

With over 25 years of industry experience, Priestly Demolition Inc. is one of the largest, and best known, demolition contractors in Canada, being a trusted partner of many international companies and government agencies across North America and further afield. The company has offices in both Canada and the US, with plans to expand even further.

Over the past few years the company has made large investments in its team, new technology, in house engineering capabilities, a health and safety department and COR Certification. The company has the expertise and in house resources to handle complex projects, while providing the personalised service of a family owned and operated organisation. Its highly trained team of professionals, along with a top of the line fleet of equipment, is aimed to deliver a better future for all. The company can now dive deeper into the logistics of a project, helping to ensure that its clients are getting the best possible results.

With real time production values and cross platform technology, Priestly Demolition Inc. can stay on target, improve efficiency, and adjust as needed. The company can identify sustainable opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint and help its clients with their long term financial goals. Larger scale projects can take the Priestly team many months to plan, however, careful consideration reduces the financial risk for clients, and ensures key measures are in place before the initial phase of the plan is rolled out.

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